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I would do this but with a C instead

But on the other side of the arm. Do NOT want to interfere with nurses and needles!!!!!!!

Stars and Swirls Tattoos by ~KMoongangSR on deviantART

I am thinking of a Day of the Dead tattoo next!

This makes me totally want to get a white lace sleeve tattoo!!! :')

When I'm old and wrinkled, and all the nursing home aides see my tattoos when they bathe me, they'll snicker and say 'She must have been wild in her day!'

I really want this!!

I want to do this on the outside of my foot because it's already numb due to nerve damage from a back injury, it will look pretty and be painless and make me feel better about never getting the feeling back in that part of my leg/foot.

Zombie Hello Kitty Tattoo