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Future Husband Candidates.

Ridiculously good looking.

Fantasy literature tatoo: Kingkiller, HP, aSoIaF, WoT, Tolkien, Narnia

♥ Kit Harington

My ovaries just exploded... Kit Harington and Richard Madden.

Kit Harington

Kit Harington

He's Clint Eastwood's son but i swear he looks like Thor and Captain America's child

Colin O’Donoghue you're killing me. That shirt is most accurate.

Kane in his season-opening duds by Hugo Boss.

Robert Downey Jr. and the kindest act

OH. MY. GOD. So #NSFW but still. Jesus, I wish.

Oh, Tom Hiddleston. Loki wearing Loki.

Is it weird that I really like the eyeliner.... ?

'MOST' WANTED photo | Darren Criss, Kristen Wiig before a special screening of their new comedy Girl Most Likely

Darren Criss. Seriously.

Hello Kit Harington.....