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  • Aminda Holman Rose

    Living this right now!

  • Jennifer M

    Oh gosh Amanda! Me too. Been living it for a year now. That's why I chose it as my profile image. I've been my ex husband's caretaker for a year now. He had a major stroke last year father's day and has no family here besides his elderly mom and my then boyfriend couldn't understand why I needed to help him and walked out of my life and my son's life.

  • Lisah Jackson

    Your ex husband is blessed to have such a compassionate person in his life.

  • Carla Lewis

    Every time all of the time

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I've never been held hostage but I've been on a group text.

  • Julie Planet

    Sometime been upset does not equal jealousy it is simply the wish of sharing life together and special moment. Only a deep person can comprehend this. It has nothing to do with material of someone having friends.

  • Nicole Lambie

    Aren't jealousy and envy the same thing?

  • Hope Windle

    Not necessarily. Jealousy is more of anger for someone having something you don't. Envy or coveting is wanting something someone else has.

  • allauddin gul

    200% agreed..

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This is so true. When i first started working out, and having a healthy lifestyle it was a pain. Now it comes natural. Im more energetic, happy! I feel horrible on days that I DONT work out on now.

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