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DIY container gardening

Lemon Seedling Room Freshener: Lemon leaves smell so good. Awesome for kitchen, bathroom, or any place in the house! #Lemon_Plant

Growing Romaine lettuce from the leftover stumps

Peculiarities and Plants - Romaine Lettuce
  • Florence Nishida

    You can do the same with green onions. cut off the greens, leaving 1.5 inches of the base and roots, replant - new green leaves form.

How to plant garlic (one clove produces up to twenty more) - you can always have fresh garlic!

How to Grow Garlic

smoke bush - this is a wonderful bush for the garden. the blooms are very airy, thus the name "smoke" bush. also changes colors with the seasons

Repurpose broken stemware. Pop in a citronella candle and then put glass down in plant. Pretty at night and keeps bugs away!

Blog de Casamento | Em Breve Casados

using livestock water containers for deep veggie gardens..the dirt is at an easy height for you to work with and the planters have lots of room for roots while keeping out the critters!

Is This The Most Attractive Veggie Garden Ever?

If you like to use fresh-picked greens for cooking, keep a small container garden at your kitchen window. Paint small metal buckets with exterior enamel paint in a range of colors, and fill them with potting mix and small plants. Hang the buckets from twine or a tension rod painted a fun color. Add painted clothespins for a bit of whimsy. Because you won’t want the plants to drain on your windowsill, eliminate the drainage holes and simply water sparingly—just enough to moisten the soil.

Do-It-Yourself Decorating

Multiply your store bought sweet potatoes - place 1 sweet potatoes in a bucket of moist soil. As slips (shouts) appear, pull out place them six at a time into 20 gallon buckets. Wait 4 months, dump bucket, get 3 to 4 gallons of organic homegrown sweet potatoes per bucket.

DIY window garden.