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50 things to pack, for your next camping trip! Are there any on this list, that you missed? #camping #outdoors

Electronic station - Ours is a little different but I love it! All our cameras, flash drives, memory cards, chargers, etc are all together and organized and we have a power strip keeping everything charged as well.

How to clean Stainless steel

Meal Planner Printable;

Over time, towels build up detergent and fabric softener, leaving them unable to absorb as much water and smelling funky. Recharge them by washing them once with hot water and one cup vinegar, then a second time with hot water and half cup baking soda. This strips the residue and leaves them fresh and able to absorb more water again. Works like a charm!

52 week money challenge. After the 52 weeks you will have $1,378.00

How to organize your linen closet to make it useful, orderly, and attractive.

Thirty-one days to an organized home, broken down into a project a day

Scrub your tub faucet with a lemon and it will shine like new! This and other natural cleaning wonders.

DIY How to fold sheets into neat packages. // Imperfect Homemaking

Wine Bottle Wrap / Martha Stewart

Creative uses of Magic Eraser for common problems around the house.

  • Sarah Dean

    I just found out about these (I know, I know) and can't ever go back now. They work AMAZING!

  • Rebecca Parker

    Really?! Where have you been? ;)

Use tape to measure distance between the two holes, then put the tape on the wall. Smart and simple!

Cracked feet remedy @Nicole Thomas

This Trick Change My Life by #Cable_Storage #b_landau #Ear_Bud_Storage