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Proof of Creation

˚The eastern emerald elysia (Elysia chlorotica) Nudibranch Sea Slug photograph by Patrick J. Krug

Peacock Jumping Spider (Australia)

Splendid Chromodoris by Dermal Denticles#Nudibranch

Magnificant Featherduster Worm - ©Barb Makohin

Magnificant Featherduster...: Photo by Photographer Barb Makohin

Crispy Potato Roast - cookglee recipe pictures

Here's another little mini-dragon...a green one to complement the red guy. This one is species Draco Maximus or "Giant Flying Dragon". Something tells me there was once a much larger, and truly "giant" flying lizard that inspired ancient stories of dragons.

some sea creatures are just amazing!

And who said frogs were icky? LOOK AT THIS FACE. | 27 Tiny Animals That Will Warm Your Heart Today

27 Tiny Animals That Will Warm Your Heart Today

The Northern Lights in Alaska