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Raspberry plants. Start off with 18" between plants & they will spread over time. That's why it's good to have it contained in a raised bed.

Raspberry Bushes All the info you need to know about growing them!

Raspberry/RHS Gardening

Raspberry Bushes with trellis. This is a good way to plant berry bushes, which can be very invasive. These are apart from other garden areas, so unlikely to spread into unwanted areas.

how to plant and grow garlic. - I did this with a .49 garlic from the grocery and had so much garlic, plus while it's growing it's pretty... Oh we use this so much I should seriously grow it!!!

Great idea to attract butterflies we have done this it works It also attracts Baltimore Orioles!

Tips for growing squash, Place the seeds AROUND the pot. When you water, you water inthe pot so the water comes out of the drain holes around the bottom for deep root watering.

How To Install An Irrigation System for Raised Bed Garden Step By Step

Garden Glove Greenhouse- Put a wet cotton ball into each of the fingers of a disposable glove. Place one seed (bean) on each finger. Tape glove into a sunny place. How cool!

Guide to planting blueberries - Walter Reeves, Georgia gardening.

A walkway from the patio through the garden, straight to the chicken coop! this will be great for keeping the kids boots from getting muddy.

A little walkway out of pallet boards

Concrete gap filler. Never weed again!! I did this on my patio and driveway. Love it! This is what parks and public places use. Available at Lowes and Home Depot in different colors in the concrete dept. I need to show the hubby this!

use tire to create small backyard pond

8 Awesome and Simple Ideas that are Borderline Crafty