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Creative book storage

Artist Raul Lemesoff's Book Tank.

The Library Bath — A hybrid inbetween a bathtub, bookshelf and an armchair.

Ceiling bookshelf as seen on Apartment Therapy (via mouchoux on flickr).

Tree bookshelves - Fargus shelves from AL 26.98 Design.

Inverted bookshelf - store your books UNDER the shelf!

Magazine chair (and other chair bookshelves at the Bookshelf blog).

Bookshelves in the ceiling joists! This amazing library is in a converted church with high ceilings and the required beams.

Murphy bed bookshelf. Brilliant! But how do the books stay on the shelves?

Overstuffed bookshelf chair.

A Tardis bookshelf - because it's bigger on the inside.

Doorway to a secret staircase library.

Store your books in a "Bookman" shelf.

Store your books where neighbors can see (and borrow) them: In a Little Free Library.

When your castle is full, build some outdoor bookshelves! (This is Hay Castle Books in Hay on Wye.)

Store your books outdoors! These shelves are in Hay on Wye, a town of bookshops in Wales.

Use an old wagon as a rolling book cart.

Wrap the couch in bookshelves.

Book storage idea: Store books under a kitten!

Ikea spice racks on dresser for extra book storage. Brilliant!