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Creepy Halloween Appetizers | Scary Halloween Snacks - Recipes For Halloween Party Snacks ...

10 Scarily Yummy Halloween Appetizers

Beware Of Cute Monsters Halloween Sign

eighteen25: Beware Of Cute Monsters Halloween Sign

Link to my Maleficent Staff DIY. :)

Crafts, Cameras and Canvases

Marine Deepjelly. Deep-sea jellyfish. When attacked by a predator, it uses bioluminescence to "scream" for help. This amazing light show is known as a burglar alarm display. East of Japan's Izu-Oshina Island, 2,640 feet (805 meters) down, the picture was captured by a Remote Operating Vehicle, or ROV.

Gallery: Creatures from the Census of Marine Life

Bioluminescent jellyfish.

Cool EL Wire projects

Jellyfish, bioluminescence

The light fantastic: Harnessing Nature's glow

Ctenophora - "Also known as “comb jellies,” ctenophora emit a blue or green light that can only be seen in the dark. They also secrete ink that luminesces most brightly in the smaller bodies of young comb jellies. A rainbow effect is created when light scatters through the distinctive comb-like tentacles of the ctenophore."

The bioluminescence of deep sea organisms is a magical thing to behold. Czech designer Kateřina Smolíková captures this wonder of nature beautifully in her breathtaking glass chandelier design, lit by energy-efficient LEDs.

Mesmerizing Chandelier Mimicks Deep Sea Bioluminescence (Photos)

Cool Homemade Bio-Luminescent Jellyfish Costume ... This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Cool Homemade Bio-Luminescent Jellyfish Costume

Bugs and Kisses cute Halloween treat bags!

Do: Halloween's Eve ... The Countdown! - Being Bianca

Jar-O-Lanterns for Halloween. Save up those jars!

recipes inspired by classic horror movies

26 Recipes Inspired by Scary Movies

SILLY Pumpkin Putty- this ooey gooey slime is perfect for Fall & smells just like pumpkin pie. Kids can make fun pretend pumpkin treats as they stretch, pull, squish, & giggle!

Pumpkin Slime Play Recipe ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Medusa Hair | 21 Easy Hair And Makeup Ideas For Halloween

21 Easy Hair And Makeup Ideas For Halloween

That is a cool thing to remember... using foam insulation spray thats used to fill in cracks.

Halloween crafts: DIY Halloween Apothecary Jars’ Tutorial from Magia Mia. Turn plastic vitamin bottles into creepy apothecary jars using a glue gun and chalkboard paint.

Monster Soda - How To Tutorial

Crafty Sisters: Monster Soda