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a mix of great patterns but we only have eyes for those sparkling Jimmy Choos Photography by

Lara Stone: In Your Eyes - Vogue Netherlands by Josh Olins, May 2012

100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design Steven Heller and Vronique Vienne

Masanori Oji + Futagami brass paperweight


elizabeth james glasses.

Part of a daily project to visualize facts Im studying for the medicine step 2 boards. Day #28 Alcoholics, Magnesium, Vegans, and B12 Alcoholics have frequently have magnesium (magnum gun) deficiencies and pure vegans eventually will deplete stores of B12. B12 deficiency causes anemia, gastritis, neutropenia, and demyelination of DC/LCSP tracts, and SCT leading to ataxic gait, impaired position/vibration sense. Mg deficiency causes weakness, muscle cramps, hypocalcemic tetany.

Nicolette Mason --photographed by Alexandra Frumberg