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Hot Guys Drinking Beer

Bailey Elizabeth Photography picked a cute one here! Go Lone Star!

Saint Archer Brewing Company hires Yiga Miyashiro as new Director of Brewing Operations Brewer Bytes with Wychwood Brewery (Oxfordshire, United Kingdom) : The Wychwood Brewery out of Witney, Oxfordshire in the UK is better known by image than by name. Wychwood may or may not ring a bell to the average beer fan, but I'm quite certain that the Hobgoblin does. He stares at us through those beady little eyes from beer shelves all over the world. Wychwood is world famous for this little guy, who's motto is "What's the matter Lagerboy, afraid you might taste something?"...

MmmHops Has Arrived! Hansons Beer Hits The Hangover III After Party! Doesn't taste ANYTHING like Teen spirit!

Let's specify, the lobsters are hot- Zane is pimping his new show here!

Wil Wheaton and Drew Curtis to Dabble Craft Brewing. Wil Wheaton- STOP BEING SO AWESOME!!!

Stock photo hot men with beer with links to article on ehow to cut up old cans to make a conversation piece shark sculpture- yeah, good luck with that

Fort Collins / Black Bottle / Coopersmith’s Co-brewed “Collusion 2013” Coming 5/13- I freakin LOVE Coopersmiths and wish I could get some in Oregon, best Green Chili beer on the planet