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Moto X digital tattoo

Deimatic Clothing by Will Verity on Vimeo

Neopixel'd Dress & LED Sequins'd Shoes and Purse! - YouTube

Anthrolume 4.0: The Trench - YouTube

Sunscreen Reminder Hat | Adafruit Learning System

LED Friendship Bracelet

LED Helmets from Sci-Fi Comedy Play Moby Alpha

Proxima - Make Fashion 2014 Designer

Threadneedle .NETMF Sewable Microcontroller

Wearable Cyberpunk Gesture Pad

Anthrolume Trench progress - the first 200 LEDs

Dr. Livingstone's festival hat - a VU meter Pith Helmet

Capacitive Touch Glasses-Mounted Flashlight

Sound Reactive Baseball Hat with FLORA

Cell Phone Blocking Pocket