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Bdelloid rotifers haven't had sex for 30 million years. They are all female and absorb DNA from their environment to keep their genetic pool diverse.

Like something out of a horror movie, this giant 2.5 foot isopod (sea bug) was found attached to a robotic submersible at a depth of 8,500ft. They're apparently quite abundant in the cold, dark waters of the Atlantic where they scavenge for food.

Giant Earthworm. Also, this blog has tons of interesting posts on weird creatures. Worth checking out.

Hot Water Volcano Octopus, Vent Octopus, Hydrothermal Octopus or whatever else. I don't care, because this octopus glories, GLORIES! under the name Vulcanoctopus hydrothermalis

Trapezia rufopunctata, ovigerous female, associated with Pocillopora eydouxi, Nhatrang Bay, Vietnam by I_van, via Flickr

There’s only one thing to do…

The cranch squid lives in the Northern Atlantic and has photosphores in its eyes which allow it to see in the depths of the ocean to catch their prey. The females can grow to be 40 cm, but their transparent bodies make them incredibly difficult to see. While they are able to squirt ink to avoid predators, they are also able to suck their tentacles inside of them and fill themselves with water to form a large ball.

"A flatworm grew two heads after it was treated with praziquantel, a drug given to people with flatworm infections."

Male Eastern Dobsonfly. Dobsonflies spend the vast majority of their lives, several years, as larvae called hellgrammites. These fearsome larvae eat other insect larvae and can inflict a very painful bite, even drawing blood, as can an adult female. As adults, they live about a week -

Male medusa - Taxa: Carybdea sivickisi Experts: Cheryl Ames Lewis Place: Seto fishing port, Shiharama, Wakayama, Japan

This GIF of a deep sea annelid truly earns the label of awesome! Tomopteris: www.thefeaturedcr...

Christmas Tree Featherdusters 1363 by courtneyplatt

Xray Photography of a shell

"The penis of a Callosobruchus analis bean weevil. Some species of insect have evolved spiny penises, which damage the female reproductive tract. This has triggered an evolutionary arms race in which females use various techniques to resist being bred"

The species is called Comostola laesaria and adults only grow to have a wingspan of 20 mm.

Blue Buttons are not true jellyfish, but are Chondrophores. These are actually colonies of polyps. In other words, they are like a tiny colony of animals. Class Hydrozoa, Order Anthomedusae, Family Porpitidae.