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i solemnly swear that i am up to no good. just for fun.

dear people who question why girls go to the bathroom together, hermione went alone, & got attacked by a troll.

harry potter tarot card.

v is for voldemort! there is an illustration for every letter of the alphabet.

fawkes - could be used for the letters f or p (fawkes or phoenix), or for comc class.

birds by verreaux on deviantART

y is for yule ball

advertisement for three broomsticks - could be used in a hogwarts' newspaper, for a label if a broomstick is being given, for letter of the week (b is for broomstick).

star-tipped wand, a tutorial - you could make this as-is, or potterfy it. i plan to make one for my toddler that looks like an hp wand.

dragon wings, a tutorial. - care of magical creatures, dragon study, just because.

Dragon Wings Tutorial | Natural Kids Team

wicked bugs - defense against the dark arts, or care of magical creatures (it depends on how you feel about bugs.)

owl (ornament, magnet, etc) - care of magical creatures

owls painted on stones! - care of magical creatures

hallowe'en labels - perfect for: gift tags, bookmarks, potions or book lables, etc

leafsnap - an electronic field guide - free for iphone & ipad. excellent for herbology!