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100+ Stores That Give a Teacher Discount

100+ Stores That Give a Teacher Discount -

Laminate and cut out these cards to use as brain breaks or letter recognition. This is a fun way to get students moving. ...

Teaching Library is a handy site for teachers who are looking for some lesson plan ideas to go along with children's books. The library features picture books, books for early readers, and books for young adults.

Teaching Ideas Library

Must Teach Procedures for the First Week of School

Fun in First Grade: 1st Day of School Tips

DO THIS!! what a smart teacher!!!! pinner says: My latest ploy-- getting my kids into more non-fiction. I'll post a crazy fact a day, and if they can bring in a fact for me and show me where they read it (any non-fiction resource, print or digital) I'll put it up for the day with their name. I'm hopeful I can hook them! {image only}...what a great idea!!

FREE -Here's a cute sign for your classroom about the noise and mess associated with learning. :)

Teachers Notebook

Kids and the bathroom. Teacher humor.

Teach your 3-6 year old to read the no fail way!

Tips for teaching your child to read

Interesting...Dr. Jean says a rubber band can give much-needed support for children who have a hard time holding a pencil correctly.

Reading Ideas for Frustrated Parents includes printable with lots of ideas to help with the bumpy times of reading with children.

The Tutor House: Reading Ideas for Frustrated Parents

10 Principles for Effective Vocabulary Instruction ... What a great list! Mastering vocabulary the RIGHT way! Unfortunately, many teachers are approaching vocabulary instruction from the "not that" list!!

Education Infographics | A New Society, a new e...

Teacher Binder for next year (lesson plans, calendar, parent communication, assessment data, professional dev. log, etc.) I REALLY need to organize my binder like this!

Mrs. Heeren's Happenings: All-in-One Simple Teacher Binder Set

Classroom organization do this - NOT that list. There are great photos here to help you organize - you might even laugh at some of the examples of how not to organize! (I really think this pinned picture is an actual picture of the inside of one of my cabinets...)

Great Idea for keeping groups of desks together! - "I was tired of my desks looking like a train hit them by the end of each day, so I found a great and cheap way to keep them together. I use medium and large sized zip ties to keep them together. I place the zip ties on multiple places on the desks. It works really well!"

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Organization

These are quick, helpful hints to remember for your classroom. This one tells you to create a notebook where you keep handouts and papers you need (1 tab for each month). Then, when you need it you know where to look and it gets rid of the pile of important papers on your desk.

Time Saving Classroom Tips | American College of Educaiton

Artist display idea - Spanish artists and their work, with descriptions of the paintings on the back! Great project idea, or mini project for a group on a block day.

Do you have a problem with students constantly raising their hands when you are giving instruction? Read Solving the Hand Raising Problem to find 15 terrific tips and ideas! This post is the first in a new series on Laura Candler's Corkboard Connections blog called Advice from Real Teachers.

The Fraction Bug - I've needed some ideas like this for introducing fractions! Color coding is a great way to differentiate fractions.

Fact vs. Opinion. Great online activity for kids. My students love this.