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steampunk tree of life

  • Falballa

    Well I'm not too found about the trees of life in general... I know it has a meaning and stuff but it just doesn't excite me, I don't know why. But this one is cute! A lot of wire twisting, kinda hard on your fingers...

Upcycle an old tee to this �

  • Falballa

    I could see your old red long sleeve t-shirt turned into this - I'd add a piece at the bottom to make it longer and more like a summer coat maybe?

Shrinky dink girl on swing necklace - super easy to make and super cute to wear! Wondering about a hockey player for Zach, dancer for a girl. Can't wait to try.

So simple and so smart, I want to make a few of these....

  • Falballa

    Oh what a cool idea to keep the towel where it's supposed to be! I'd used snap buttons - because I'm lazy and don't want to bother sewing the buttonholes...

Keep the mess in the towel then throw the towel in the laundry when you get home from your trip.

  • Falballa

    Want me to do one for each of us for this summer's trip?? I could also personalize the towel with a monogram or a graphic

  • Danielle Parent

    That would be cool

How to make duct tape boots for costumes. Because boots complete the look!!! Never know when I might need this. :)

  • Falballa

    A-ha! This is so cute! I bet someone's gonna have boots for their halloween costume ;)

Could be reworked for the smaller bows?? Genius Jewelry Display DIY: Just an ordinary cardboard box, perfect earring display. Material used: old cardboard box, wooden skewers, wooden beads and mirror from an old cosmetic case. #jewelry #jewellery #display #repurpose #recycle #upcycle #DIY #crafts #GENIUS

DIY Triple Star Hair Chain @ mintedstrawberry....

  • Falballa

    Ha! great idea - and the girl paints her stuff with nail polish! What a good idea (can't believe I didn't come up with this one myself...)

This is a beautiful Peacock Bustle/Tail.This is a very flowy tail with added tulle for extra added color. This can make a wonderful addition to a peacock costume or a burlesque outfit. This can also be used as part of a mardi gras costume.

Mini felt crown.. I see a use for the golden sweater

Learn to make wax paper chandeliers. Would be great for a wedding reception or formal party....but I'm going to make a couple and hang them in my bedroom! :P

  • Falballa

    The link doesn't seem to work but I get the idea - and I just happen to have recently purchased (on sale of course!) a 2 inch hole puncher. Talk about a great coincidence - another one, how do you do that???

Tutorial for Monopoly (or Scrabble or Sorry) box- after the tiles have been used, here's what to do with the board

25 Free Women’s Dress Patterns

Creator's Joy: Polymer clay houndstooth cane tutorial