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30-Day Happiness Challenge love this! So I took someone's advice not so long ago and began meeting the eyes of people who pass me and saying hello/good morning and also compliment (sincerely) at least one person a day. Changed my whole perspective and makes my days better!

The 30-Day No-Fail Happiness Challenge

Intelligent animals both, crows and wolves have been known to play together in the wild and it has been observed that crows will sometimes alert wolves to potential prey in order that they might share in the food it would provide.

Various Life Hacks...the last one in particular

caeruleantwo: This is indicolite, a blue variety of tourmaline. Tourmaline has lots of crazy colour variations. There is even a variety called watermelon tourmaline - because it is coloured like a watermelon!

WHAT...take my money

'First Lava Tube' by CJ Kale "This is the first ever photo taken surf photography style with the lava down the wave. I entered the 110 + degree water filled with volcanic glass and lava bombs to take the first ever lava shot taken from in the breaking waves. It was a shoot of a lifetime after 3 days in the water with the lava, the lava broke out and covered the entire beach."

17 Things To Do Today To Make Yourself Proud In A Year...These are great, and I'm proud of myself for doing a lot of them already!



and we are afraid of sharks...

I want a Drumbrella!!!!!!!!!!

DIY Candle-Powered Pottery Heater - This will heat a closed room if the power goes out. NOT the whole house, but one room.