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GOT Mail Story Time

Here are books & activities from GOT Mail Story Time, which is Mondays at 1pm for children ages 3-5. Click on any book title twice in order to see the book in the catalog.

Tuesday, April 14, 2014. "What's up, Doc?" Today's letter came from none other than Bugs Bunny!!! Bugs wanted us to do a rabbit story time. He gave us some books to read, an activity to do and a craft to make. The activity was "Bugs Says" (a bunny version of Simon Says).

April 14, 2014. After planting the garden he has dreamed of for years, Mr. McGreely tries to find a way to keep some persistent bunnies from eating all his vegetables.

April 14, 2014. Roslyn Rutabaga is a rabbit. One day she has a plan to dig the biggest hole on earth. Will she succeed?

April 14, 2014. Bugs Bunny wanted us to make these bunnies with plastic Easter eggs and pipe cleaners! They were cute, cute, cute!

April 7, 2014. Today's letter was from Yin & Yang and it was in CHINESE! Mr. Steve deciphered some words, such as chopsticks. The kids practiced using their chopsticks.

April 7, 2014. When Kùai cannot get enough to eat, he begins using sticks to grab food too hot for the hands, and soon all of China uses Kùai zi, or chopsticks.

April 7, 2014. Ling and Ting are identical twins that people think are exactly the same, but time and again they prove to be different.

April 7, 2014. The kids decorated their own fans!

March 24, 2014. The animals of the African savanna use their senses to predict and then enjoy the rain.

March 24, 2014. Fascinated by the fact that humans are made mostly of water, a boy develops an unusual relationship with it once he stops being afraid.

March 24, 2014. We filed a tub with water and the kids guessed which items would float or sink!

March 24, 2014. We did this "magic" trick with a water bottle!

March 24, 2014. Coffee Filter Butterflies!!

March 10, 2014. Today's letter was from Geoffrey, the giraffe from Toys R Us! While the kids may initially have been disappointment that there were no toys with Geoffrey's letter, they soon saw that he had a wonderfully fun story time planned for them!

March 10, 2014. Cumulative rhymed text explains what might happen if you had a giraffe that stretched another half, put on a hat in which lived a rat that looked cute in a suit, and so on. Delightfully zany rhymes about a giraffe who accumulates some ridiculous things--like glue on his shoe and a bee on his knee--only to lose them again, one by one. Infectiously funny...a good nonsensical text and illustrations.

March 10, 2014. Loud, boisterous Elephant learns how to be friends with calm, quiet Giraffe.

March 10, 2014. We listened to Hap Palmer's song, "The Elephant" - using our rhythm sticks to go along with the beat of the music.

March 10, 2014. We had a "Wild Animal Race." The kids all guessed who they thought would win, then we rolled the dice. We kept on rolling until one animal's number came up six times. That animal was (drum roll, please...) the monkey!

March 10, 2014. We made clothespin giraffes!

March 3, 2014. Today is Read Across America day and today's letter came from The Cat in the Hat! We talked about Dr. Seuss, whose 110th birthday was yesterday. The Cat in the Hat gave us some great books to read, Dr. Seuss activities to do and a Dr. Seuss craft to make!!

March 3, 2014. When a moose gives a Bingle Bug a ride on his horns, he unwillingly becomes host to a large number of freeloading pests.

March 3, 2014. A boy imagines what it would be like if he had such things as duck feet, a whale spout, or an elephant's trunk.

March 3, 2014. Cat in the Hat toss game. We used balls instead of balloons.

March 3, 2014. Cat in the Hat Masks!!!

February 24, 2014. Today's letter was from Caillou. Caillou wanted to show us how to read stories and play games on TumbleBooks, our new e-book database. Then he gave us some activity sheets to do.