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GOT Mail Story Time

Here are books & activities from GOT Mail Story Time, which is Mondays at 1pm for children ages 3-5. Click on any book title twice in order to see the book in the catalog.

September 29, 2014. Today's letter was from Captain Underpants and the theme was - you guessed it! - underwear.

Captain Underpants creator, young readers' superhero

September 29, 2014. There is no underwear in space so aliens visit Earth and play in the clothes drying on the line.

Catalog - Aliens love underpants

September 29, 2014. While playing hide-and-seek, Bear finds a backpack filled with underwear.

Catalog - Bear in underwear

September 29, 2014. As children lift-the-flaps, they can see what type of underwear each of the different animals are wearing, in a brightly illustrated introduction to the concept of color.

Catalog - What color is your underwear?

September 29, 2014. We played an online matching game - match the alien or dinosaur with their underpants!

Aliens Love Underpants - Games

September 29, 2014. The kids tried to see five differences between two pictures.

Aliens Love Underpants - Games

September 29, 2014. The kids colored in a pair of underwear.

Aliens Love Underpants - Games

September 22, 2014. Today's letter was from a clown who loves the circus! The clown gave us three books to read, a fun clown craft to do and circus activities to try, such as juggling, riding the merry-go-round, jumping through hoops on fire and pretending to be a mime.

Circus Clip Art Clown | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images

September 22, 2014. Leaping lizards, marching snakes, a bear on the high wire, and others perform in a somewhat unusual circus.

Catalog - Circus

September 22, 2014. Jane the dog doesn't have a unique talent in the circus like the rest of her family, until the ringmaster discovers what is truly special about her.

Catalog - Extraordinary Jane

September 22, 2014. Grumps is content to do his one trick in the center ring at the circus, until a new dog shows up and steals the show--temporarily.

Catalog - Circus family dog

September 22, 2014. The kids finished off the circus story time by making a paper plate clown.

34 Amazing Paper Plate Crafts for Kids! - Tip Junkie

May 5, 2014. It's Cinco de Mayo, and today's letter came from Skippyjon Jones. It's fiesta time!!

May 5, 2014. Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese cat with an overactive imagination who would rather be El Skippito, his Zorro-like alter ego.

Catalog - Skippyjon Jones

May 5, 2014. A pet parrot tries to help his human family prepare for the Cinco de Mayo festivities in San Antonio, Texas.

Catalog - Let me help!

May 5, 2014. We did a Jumping Bean game, similar to Freeze Dance. When the music is playing, the "beans" all jump around; when the music stops, they curl back up into a ball on the ground.

May 5, 2014. The kids tossed bean bags into a sombrero and we also did the Mexican Hat Dance!

May 5, 2014. For Cinco de Mayo, the kids made Spoon & Easter Egg Maracas!

Maracas Craft for Cinco de Mayo

April 28, 2014. Today's letter came from our very own library director, Ms. Bernadette. She told the kids about her job, gave us two good library books to read and she even told Mr. Steve that he can give the kids an inside tour of the library!

April 28, 2014. We played the game, Lightning Librarian. The kids had to try to remember where all the books in the game's library are, just like a real librarian!

Lightning Librarian - Free Brain Game

April 28, 2014. The kids all decorated their own bookmarks! They also got to use some special library stamps.