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Magic School Bus

Every other Tuesday from 4:15pm-5:00pm (during the summer, every Monday from 3:30pm-4:15pm), we join Ms. Frizzle and go for a ride on the Magic School Bus! After the video, we do an activity (craft, game, science experiment, etc.) that relates! Click twice on picture for more information.

July 21, 2014. MSB: Under Construction. Two inches tall, and trapped in a bathroom at Wanda's house, the kids have to get out before Wanda's mother discovers them. Gathering building materials such as spiky hair curlers, sticky Band-Aids, dental floss, and cotton swabs, the kids use what they've learned about structure to construct a series of towers and bridges across the bathroom to an open window! They get across the toilet OK - but will they get past the alligator in the bathtub?

Catalog - The magic school bus. The complete series

Monday, July 21, 2014. Using toothpicks and gumdrops, the kids attempted to make steady bridges.

July 7, 2014. MSB: Out of this World. Ms. Frizzle's class rockets into outer space to divert an asteroid from crashing into Earth. The children learn about gravity, meteors and comets while they and Ms. Frizzle race to save the world.

Catalog - Out of this world

Monday, July 7, 2014. We dropped various objects from varying heights into shoe boxes filled with flour, salt and cinnamon to compare crater sizes.

June 30, 2014. MSB Blows its Top. Ms. Frizzle's class and the magic school bus travel underseas to see how a volcano is formed and why a volcano will eventually "blow its top."

Catalog - The magic school bus. The complete series

May 13, 2014. MSB: Spins a Web. The kids are zapped into a monster movie, where they discover the ingenious hunting skills of spiders

Catalog - The magic school bus. Creepy crawly fun

May 13, 2014. We made spiders out of egg cartons.

Egg Carton Spider Craft

April 29, 2014. MSB: In the Rainforest. To celebrate Earth Day, the kids surprise Ms. Frizzle with her very own cocoa tree from the Rainforest Rental Catalog. But when the tree's cocoa bean harvest falls mysteriously short, it's time for, you guessed it, a rousing tropical field trip!

April 29, 2014. We made a rainstick craft!

April 15, 2014. MSB Gets Planted. Ms. Frizzle turns Phoebe into a real vine to help her learn how plants eat.

April 15, 2014. We planted seeds for radishes and peas. The kids got to bring them home and watch them (hopefully) grow!

April 1, 2014. MSB Gets Ready, Set, Dough! On Ms. Frizzle's birthday, the bus gets baked into a cake.

March 18, 2014. MSB: Makes a Rainbow. In order to win at Ms. Frizzle's pinball machine, the kids must light up all six colors of the rainbow.

March 18, 2014. The kids used sorted Froot Loops cereal to make a Froot Loops rainbow!

February 4, 2014. MSB: Takes Flight. Shrunk inside Tim's model airplane, the class goes on a high-flying field trip to find out how things fly.

February 4, 2014. The kids made and decorated simple paper airplanes to fly!

January 21, 2014. MSB: Wet All Over. The Friz take her class on a rainy ride through the life cycle of a water drop.

January 7, 2014. MSB: Sees Stars. Keesha and the rest of Ms. Frizzle's class travel out of this world to discover what stars are made of, the difference between a young star and an old star, and more.

January 7, 2014. The kids sat on the floor with a black piece of construction paper and used thumb tacks (closely monitored, of course) to create their own constellations!

December 10, 2013. MSB: The Busasaurus. Ms. Frizzle takes the class to a dinosaur dig. She completes this field trip by traveling back 67 million years to see what ancient reptiles were really like.

December 10, 2013. The kids used different types of pasta to make dinosaur skeletons!

November 26, 2013. Friction! We used two different ramps (one smooth and one with felt) and experimented to see which items would slide down and which would stop because of too much friction.