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New Juvenile Early Readers

The newest early reader books in our collection are listed first. Click on the cover twice to see the book in our catalog.

ER YAS. Ty the Tynnosaurus Rex loves to experiment, but when his friends arrive there is slime everywhere and Ty has disappeared--so the Dino Detectives swing into action.

Catalog - The slime attack

ER MAN. Katie is flying to Florida to visit her grandmother, but she has never been on an airplane before.

Catalog - Fly high, Katie!

ER MAN. Katie's dad surprises her with a trip to a ranch where she can ride a real horse.

Catalog - Cowgirl Katie

ER YAS. Sara the Tryceratops has been eating Dino Delights cereal for three months and collecting the box tops--and now she and her friends are eagerly awaiting her prize.

Catalog - The surprise prize

ER YAS. Using Ty the Tyrannosaurus Rex's new invention, the Dino Detectives find a bag of strange coins at the beach and trace them back to a carnival.

Catalog - The mystery coins

ER YAS. Cory the Corythosaurus is excited about playing in the school concert, but when the morning arrives his trumpet is missing--and it is up to the Dino Detectives to solve the mystery of who took it.

Catalog - The missing trumpet

ER YAS. While at the fun park, the Dino detectives decide to visit the haunted house, but find it a lot more spooky than they expected.

Catalog - The haunted house

ER YAS. Dot the Diplodocus is puzzled by the strange behavior of her family and friends, but when she investigates she finds a trail of popcorn that leads her to an answer.

Catalog - The crazy clues

ER YAS. The Dino Detectives are going to the beach, and Sarah the Triceratops has packed the car--but when they go to unpack all their toys are missing.

Catalog - The beach bandit

ER YAS. When Dot the Diplodocus hears noises at night she thinks there is a ghost in the house--and when her brother dismisses her fears the other Dino Detectives decide to investigate.

Catalog - Ghost sounds

ER KLE. Freight Train is filled to the top with bananas, tomatoes, apples, and potatoes.

Catalog - The full freight train

ER KLE. City Train needs a little help to get started.

Catalog - City Train in trouble

ER KLE. City Train picks up people from all the stations and takes them into the city.

Catalog - City Train

ER KLE. Many clowns in colorful costumes are riding on Circus Train.

Catalog - Circus Train and the clowns

ER KLE. Engine is looking for Passenger Car, and all his other car friends.

Catalog - The big train

ER MAN. Katie loves being the best dancer in her dance class, so when Mattie joins the class and begins to outshine her, Katie is jealous.

Catalog - Keep dancing, Katie

ER DIS. After doing a lot of hard work, Minnie stops to take a nap and is transformed into Minnie-rella.

Catalog - Minnie-rella

ER SOF. While on a hike with her Buttercup Troop, Sofia proves to her overprotective handlers that she can do things on her own.

Catalog - Sofia takes the lead / Level 1

ER SOF. After being told that joining the Royal Prep's Flying Derby team is not a "princess thing," Sofia is encouraged by her mother to prove her critics wrong and try out for the team.

Catalog - Just one of the princes

ER SOF. In order to win the best pet contest, Sofia and her bunny friend Clover enroll, but after seeing the exotic pets everyone else is entering, Sofia starts to rethink her decision.

Catalog - Blue-ribbon bunny

ER DIS. Ariel, Merida, Sleeping Beauty, and all the Disney princesses embark on royal journeys in this Step 2 reader. Girls ages 4 to 6 will love reading about the princesses' travels on vacations and trips of their own.

Catalog - Travel like a princess