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New Juvenile Graphic Novels

The newest graphic novels in our collection are listed first. Click on the cover twice to see the book in our catalog.

J GRA MCC. On the last day of summer vacation, all Mr. Pants wants to do is play laser tag but Mom and his sisters, Foot Foot and Grommy, have other ideas.

Catalog - Mr. Pants : it's go time!

J GRA BAL. Superman! Superboy! Supergirl! Krypto the Superdog! The entire Superman family is re-imagined here in this energetic all-ages graphic novel. Read on as the heroes of Metropolis fight foes such as General Zod, Darkseid, Brainiac, and as always, super-scourge Lex Luthor!

Catalog - Superman family adventures. Volume 2

J GRA PIC. Jim Curious portrays the fantastical story of a young boy and his thrilling trip to the bottom of the sea in an old-fashioned diving suit. But there are no words telling his tale--only intricately illustrated images in exceptional 3-D.

Catalog - Jim Curious : a voyage to the heart of the sea

J SERIES BABYMOUSE. Babymouse imagines the biggest, most wonderful birthday party ever for herself and tries to make it happen, but Felicia is planning her own birthday bash for the very same day.

J GRA KRO. Tech gadgets are disappearing left and right at school, and Lunch Lady must get to the bottom of it!

J GRA KRO. Lunch Lady and Betty have been fired but the Breakfast Bunch convinces them to return and stop the school's new superintendent and her minions from carrying out an evil plan for revenge.

J GRA GAR. When Jon seeks help from a sketchy hypnotherapist for his insomnia, Garfield discovers that Jon has been hypnotized to fall asleep and sleepwalk whenever Odie barks. Simultaneous. TV tie-in.

J SERIES BIG NATE. A second collection of full-color Sunday Big Nate cartoons finds the intrepid grade schooler struggling with everything from his annoying older sister and his clueless dad to his nightmarish teacher and his superior-minded exchange student classmate, Artur.

J GRA SCH. Collects comic strips featuring the adventures of the beagle Snoopy, his owner Charlie Brown, and all of their friends.

Catalog - Snoopy cowabunga!