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New Juvenile Graphic Novels

The newest graphic novels in our collection are listed first. Click on the cover twice to see the book in our catalog.

30 Pins

New Juvenile Graphic Novels

  • 30 Pins

J 398.2 GAI. Two abandoned children come upon a gingerbread cottage inhabited by a cruel witch who wants to eat them.

Catalog - Hansel & Gretel : a Toon graphic

J GRA DC. Two powerful brothers, Thunder and Lightning, get into a fight above the city--and it is up to Cyborg, Beast Boy and the other Teen Titans to find out settle the dispute before the city is destroyed.

Catalog - Thunder and lightning strike!

J GRA DC. A mysterious alien menaces the Super Family and his strange alien symbol affects the man of steel's super powers.

Catalog - The mysterious alien menace!

J GRA DC. At first Raven is only annoyed by the zit that has appeared on her cheek--but when it becomes a real monster it takes all of the Teen Titans to deal with the threat.

Catalog - Monster zit!

J GRA DC. Starfire and Beast Boy are pleased with their new outfits, but the clothes seem to be having a hypnotic effect on everyone who wears them--it is a sure sign that Mad Mod is back in town with another diabolical plot.

Catalog - Mad Mod is in vogue!

J GRA DC. Superman's old foe General Zod has escaped from the Phantom Zone, and it is up to Superman to save Metropolis from the fiery footsteps of fifty-foot frankfurters.

Catalog - General Zod dogs!

J GRA DC. Starfire's big sister, Blackfire, is back, making all of the Teen Titans the victims of this super-sibling rivalry.

Catalog - Blackfire's back!

J GRA DC. Darkseid has returned dressed as a lunch lady and it is up to Superman and the Justice League to stop him.

Catalog - Because you demanded it-- Darkseid!

J GRA DC. The Toyman attacks with his deadly toys, and does not let the Super Family have a Tooth Fairy Party in peace.

Catalog - Attack of the Toyman!

J GRA DC. Ma Kent finally meets Lois Lane--and what startling questions might they have for one another?

Catalog - And now-- Ma Kent!

J GRA DC. Brainiac arrives in Metropolis with the intention of shrinking the city with his shrinking ray, and he has managed to find the Fortress of Solitude.

Catalog - And now-- Braniac!

J GRA DC. A mysterious Purple Superman has appeared in Metropolis and he is making Superman sick.

Catalog - Who is the Purple Superman?

J GRA DC. Astronaut Corben becomes supervillain Metallo, and it is up to Superman and his new super-friend Steel to contain him.

Catalog - The menace of Metallo!

J GRA DC. Superman's closest allies help him in his super adventures, and Lex Luthor gets his own dirty tricks used against him.

Catalog - The adventures begin!

J GRA DC. Jimmy Olsen has his own theory about Supergirl, the sky is filled with Super-pets, and something is wrong with Jimmy's wristwatch.

Catalog - Super-pets!

J GRA DC. The City of Metropolis runs into monkey mayhem when Beppo's friend goes crazy, and Titano, the giant angry ape, appears.

Catalog - Monkey Metropolis!

J GRA DC. Superman trains his young sidekicks to become super heroes, Bizarro comes to Earth and makes a mess of Metropolis, and Jimmy Olsen finds out that being Superman's pal means help is only a shout away.

Catalog - Enter Bizarro!

J GRA HAY. Descending into a foul mood when he is unable to find his pirate hat, Benny is sent outside to cool his temper and wanders away with Penny until they are lost, a situation that compels both to handle their emotions and work together.

Catalog - Benny and Penny in Lost and Found: Toon Books Level 2

J GRA PAS. A collection of comic strips mocks the foibles of human nature with the antics of egotistical Rat, clueless Pig, intellectual Goat, and letter-writing optimist Zebra.

J GRA KIB. Navin journeys to the city of Lucien where he searches for a beacon essential to his fight against the Elf King; while Emily heads back into the Void with Max, one of the Elf King's followers, where she learns his darkest secrets.

Catalog - Escape from Lucien

J GRA COM. A collection of comics about every kid's favorite school subject: recess!

Catalog - Comics Squad : recess!

J GRA MCC. On the last day of summer vacation, all Mr. Pants wants to do is play laser tag but Mom and his sisters, Foot Foot and Grommy, have other ideas.

Catalog - Mr. Pants : it's go time!

J GRA BAL. Superman! Superboy! Supergirl! Krypto the Superdog! The entire Superman family is re-imagined here in this energetic all-ages graphic novel. Read on as the heroes of Metropolis fight foes such as General Zod, Darkseid, Brainiac, and as always, super-scourge Lex Luthor!

Catalog - Superman family adventures. Volume 2

J GRA PIC. Jim Curious portrays the fantastical story of a young boy and his thrilling trip to the bottom of the sea in an old-fashioned diving suit. But there are no words telling his tale--only intricately illustrated images in exceptional 3-D.

Catalog - Jim Curious : a voyage to the heart of the sea

J SERIES BABYMOUSE. Babymouse imagines the biggest, most wonderful birthday party ever for herself and tries to make it happen, but Felicia is planning her own birthday bash for the very same day.