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New Juvenile Nonfiction

The newest nonfiction books in our collection are listed first. Click on the cover twice to see the book in our catalog.

J 158.2 GRE. Trying to figure out a difficult math problem is hard, but sometimes dealing with your social life at school can be even harder. Figuring out friendships, managing time, and learning about yourself are all important parts of growing up

Catalog - Skills for social success

J 629.8 CLA. Describes various competitions and games involving robots.

Catalog - Battling for victory : the coolest robot competitions

J 629.8 CLA. Describes various military, space, and other robots used to carry out missions that are too dangerous for human beings.

Catalog - Robots in risky jobs : on the battlefield and beyond

J 629.8 CLA. Describes a variety of robots used by businesses, hospitals, and individuals.

Catalog - Robots at your service : from the factory to your home

J 629.8 CLA. Describes the past, present, and possible future of robots that resemble humans and human behavior.

Catalog - Humanoid robots : running into the future

J 623.4 SWA. Describes various top-secret projects, including the Manhattan Project, Nazi experimentation, and several others.

J 616.02 LEE. Describes various animals that have been genetically altered by scientists.

Catalog - Mutant animals : crazy creatures altered by science

J 597.96 OAC. Engaging images accompany information about Burmese pythons.

Catalog - Burmese pythons

J 910.91 PAR. Recounts the story of the building of the Titanic, what it was like aboard, its collision with an iceberg and subsequent sinking, the rescue of survivors, its impact on ocean travel, and the discovery of the wreck years later.

Catalog - The sinking of the Titanic

J 818.5 OWE. Provides step-by-step instructions for setting up and carrying out simple practical jokes.

Catalog - Pranks, tricks, and practical jokes

J 745.594 OWE. A DIY Halloween -- Sticky fake blood -- Horrifying Halloween wound -- Make a mask -- Alien gray night lights -- Awesome slime -- Icy body parts-punch.

Catalog - The Halloween gross-out guide

J 628.92 GOL. In this book, young readers will learn about wildfire firefighters.

Catalog - Hotshots

J 625.261 RAJ. Describes the history of the building of the first transcontinental railroad to cross the United States from Omaha, Nebraska to Sacramento, California. It looks at the men who envisioned the plan, the workers (mainly Chinese and Irish immigrants) who did the labor, and some of the hardships which they endured to complete the job.

Catalog - The transcontinental railroad

J 628.92 GOL. Learn firsthand how these tough brave firefighters use their strength, quick thinking, and expert skills to battle deadly blazes. In addition, readers will go behind the scenes to learn how smoke jumpers train for their job so that they are ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.

Catalog - Smoke jumpers

J 158.1 HIC. Discusses how to handle the anger, sadness, and other emotions people feel after losing.

Catalog - Dealing with defeat

J 155.22 SUE. Explains the importance of diversity and learning how to respect people who are different from you.

Catalog - Respecting diversity

J 791.43 JON. Provides information about movies, chronicling their history from the early moving pictures to today; detailing how stunts and screenwriting are done; and profiling famous actors, producers, and directors.

J 629.8 FUR. What kind of robots can help humans to deal with disasters? Helper robots! These robots can go where humans can't safely travel. Learn all about them in this book.

Catalog - Helper robots

J 609 TUR. Describes the development of one hundred world-changing inventions, including rockets, the internet, refrigerators, blue jeans, light bulbs, and antibiotics.

J 597.3 GRE. Engaging images accompany information about the tiger shark.

Catalog - The tiger shark

J 327.12 OWE. Features spy projects for boys, including making a spy periscope, invisible ink messages, and fingerprint powder.

Catalog - The superspy handbook

J 306.36 REE. Teaches readers about the importance of hard work, and how it can prepare you to achieve your future goals.

Catalog - Winning by working

J 006.7 GRE. Offers advice on safely using social networks, including tips on creating passwords and searching for information.

Catalog - Social media and the Internet

J 791.43 LEG. Details the characters and weapons from each tribe of the Legends of Chima, and includes a buildable minifigure.

Catalog - Lego Legends of Chima character encyclopedia

J SERIES YOU CHOOSE. Explores various perspectives on the process of building the Golden Gate Bridge. The reader's choices reveal the historical details.