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Parenting - Bullying

These books may help children deal with bullying. Click on any book title twice to see it in the catalog.

J FIC JEN. Befriending a very strange new student, Toulouse, helps outsider Woodrow stand up to the class bullies who have been picking on them both.

With the help of their Aunt Tizzy, Myrtle and her baby brother learn how to deal with a mean neighbor named Frances.

In more than 30 hard-hitting profiles, teens talk about bullying: as victims, perpetrators, and bystanders.

When Hank Wolowitz runs into trouble in the form a of lunch-stealing bully, he finds an unlikely ally in an invisible refugee pumpkin-loving bandapat named Inkling.

When his school counselor insists that he needs better socialization skills after being stuffed into a locker by a bully, middle-schooler Nick finds himself, along with two other misfits, joining the school's lamest club: Safety Patrol.

Catalog - The Odd Squad : bully bait

Fifth-grader Nolan Byrd, tired of being called names by the class bully, has a secret identity--Shredderman!

It is up to Jake Drake to take matters into his own hands when Link Baxter, SuperBully moves into the neighborhood.

When Elmer the patchwork elephant learns that a bully is bothering the smaller birds, he devises a plan to teach the bully bird a lesson.

Catalog - Elmer and the big bird

Presents information for children about bullies and bullying, examining the different kinds of bullying, why people bully, how bullying makes everyone involved feel, and what to do if a child thinks that he is a victim of bullying or is a bully himself.

DVD. Offers kids practical, easy-to-implement solutions for dealing with their own bully problems such as work on building your confidence, staying calm, giving bullies lots of space, telling an adult, and more.

Marissa has always loved dancing, but lately, she feels clumsy and awkward when she dances, and she feels bigger and taller than the other girls. She doesn't even bother trying out for the Rose Fairy ballet, but someone else thinks Marissa has what it takes to play the Rose Fairy.