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Barbara Malveaux

Barbara Malveaux

Love decorating, music, shopping good food!

Shift Word Choice in the Favor of Emotion by Herschell Gordon Lewis via marketingawesomeness #Writing #Word_Choice

  • Lynna Spencer

    The "emotional" words are to be used in ad copy, where emotion is used way more than intelligence to sell humans things they don't really need.

  • Lynna Spencer

    And who says "I bring you tidings." anymore. No one I know!

  • Heather Lindsey

    Everyone is arguing, I'm over here wondering why they pit desire and hope together....although seemingly appropriate, hope just doesn't fit the bill for all circumstances of the word desire.

  • Kellie Kutkey

    I just like lists of words, good words, usable words. Emotional or intellectual.

  • Melissa Lehew

    I'm a writer. And I write not to sound smart or intellectual, but to sound creative and to make my point. Everyone has a different style of writing. But I like the emotional words better than the smart ones because I want everyone to understand the heart of my story. Not just smart people. Average people like me don't want to stop reading to look up a word in the dictionary in the middle of a fast paced scene. Simple, for me, is the way to go! :)

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3-Ingredient Crescent Sausage Bites ~ hot sausage (pork or turkey), cream cheese, & crescent rolls... These are always a huge party hit!

christmas-decoration_ideas - wow, jewel tones and tree topper with impact.

Brown Sugar Pound Cake

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