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This board is a Personal INTRODUCTORY PROFILE Board. Introduce yourself and interface with people with like-minded Pinterests - Bendrix

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Compete with yourself...

My Fall 2014 Hair #fallhair #invertedbob #fall2014hair #shorthair #2014hair #stackedbob #hair

The BEST caprese salad and it happens to look so pretty too!!

Animal print studded high #heel boot

hi everyone!! bendrix, thanx 4 the invite!! my name is kally,i was born and raised in in greece now with my husband and 7-year old son gianni.i own a kids clothes store and am into anything to do with fashion,art,etc..i've studied fashion design and love anything creative...which is why i love pinterest!!!! it's great to meet u all,and thanx again bendrix (cutie) 4 inviting me to this fun board!Bye for now...Kally Kally

  • Bendrix

    awe shucks thanks for the flattering compliment and good vibes. You are lovely as well my human friend... Wow you are standing next to a Pineapple WOW I'm so thirsty now... I'm glad you are on this board and I will now you have inspired me to make an effort to try and message at least one of the members on this board every other day or hopefully every day till i get everyone haha... Its great to have you here and I will def see you around cause we are now connected. @kally kally

  • The Real WonderWoman

    Gorgeous scenery! Such an interesting board, Bendrix!

  • Metro Photo BC

    It was so nice to come to this board and see real people having a conversation. It made me smile. Kallykally beautiful.

I'm Patty, from Columbia MO, and I really appreciate being included with others on your board. I'm disabled with MS, they say, even though it's in the attitude, I say, and I sure disagree. I love kids and animals. I do crafts and sewing of all kinds, and I love to cook. I do pet-sitting when friends and family need it, others too, because I don't think my cats are up to helping me training another puppy since my Dante died. I have three kids, 27 and above, two grandsons, and happiness!

Thanks for the invite B. my name is Robert McConnell from wichita, Kansas. Im a trucker who travels a lot. I use Pinterest to kill time and found out I'm into to just about everything. Follow some of my boards but pick which ones u like. Once again thanks.

motorcycle racer, visionary artist, avid book reader, thrillseeker, dreamer... that's me...

  • Bendrix

    Good start sir and I'm sure theres much more to you than this so tell us more please????? Thanks for posting @Lorenzo Buratti


    Thanks to you to appreciate :-)

  • Flo Renz

    @Lorenzo Buratti: It's so nice to see you here, dear Lorenzo! And don't forget to tell us more about you and your passion! :-)

  • Flo Renz

    @Bendrix: Lorenzo is a very interesting and creative guy with a really good sense of humor: I know him from FB and I'm glad to see him here on this board! :-)

Thanks, @Bendrix, for yet another invite. You're a doll. My name is Verna Linehan. I'm an old hippie & former social worker. I've always been interested in design & beauty from clothing to decor, art to architecture. I love to read, as my overflowing bookshelves will attest. I also love music, particularly that good 'ol rock & roll, me being a ex flower child & all. Since I am retired & have a chronic pain condition, I have a good deal of free time & seem to spend a lot of it on Pintrest.

  • Vivienne LaSalle

    I understand from reading some of the entries, that you've done this before, so you may already know each other. Since I am a virgin (in this particular sense, at least) I am looking forward to checking out your boards, & I hope you'll do the same with mine. Thanks again to B.

  • Debby Shover

    Nice to meet you Verna...think we may have a lot in common! Checking your boards for out and hope you do the same...

  • Vivienne LaSalle

    Hi @Debby. If you have a lot in common w/ me, too bad for you, HA. Just kidding. Thanks for saying hello & making me feel welcome. I am looking forward to perusing your boards. V

  • Marilyn

    Hi. Just wanted to mention a short, Infor. Video," Best Herbs To Eliminate Pain" by Stephen Stokes. It's on the top of my Health Tips Board. Another Flower Child.

  • Jo Levy

    That's what we say...hippies didn't die they became social workers (me too). Jo

I'm blessed in many ways.

  • Debby Shover

    Nice to meet you fellow NYer...will definately check out your pins!

  • Matthew Bram

    @Debby Shover - Did you say NYer? Where in upstate NY are you? I go to PK on a semi-regular basis and occasionally foray further up. It's my favorite region on earth

  • Matthew Bram

    @Bendrix can we invite people too?

  • Bendrix

    yes you can inviote anyone sir @Matthew Bram

  • * Stardust *

    @Matthew Bram hello! You probably don't recognize me. You've been pinning to some of my boards *Stardust* pinterest just deleted all 256 boards and 95,000 pins. I was told once you reach 100,000 pins you have to start over with a new account or go over 20,000 followers. Well, yesterday I had 20,557 followers and they just cut me off and I can't find any of my boards. I even went to your boards and mine are gone! I am so upset with pinterest. All my work even family photos gone. All of my followers are probably wondering what happened to the community boards they were pinning to. Man I am so angry. People have more followers and more pins than I did. Different rules for different folks I guess. Clouds Are Amazing just gone! Amazing Faces & Places, gone. And 14 more community boards gone. Sorry to ramble on I am in shock!!!

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Hi All! My pins cover the gamut from photography to mouthwatering recipes, clever household tips and tricks to gift ideas. I write about 'em (at Squidoo), decorate things at Zazzle, and PIN whatever strikes my fancy :)

Hello to all, first of Bendrix, Thank you for creating and maintaining this wonderful board where we can learn a little bit about some of the people that share our Pinterest world. (Best of luck to you in your new job! ) As the president of the "Don't judge a book by it's cover club. I would like to invite you to my peruse my various boards. You can observe my attempt to celebrate life, passion and the joys and heartbreak of the human condition. Beauty, music, laughs and wisdom abound.

Hey Bendrix, thanks for allowing me to join your group! My name is Sherri, and I'm a Jersey Girl through and through!! I'm a single mom of a 3 year old boy....The absolute love of my life! I love pinning fashion photography, shoes, food, black and white portraits....anything that strikes me as interesting and beautiful. Thanks, again and enjoy my pins :)

Hi everyone! Thanks Bendrix for the invite. I am Barbara from Kentucky. Professionally, I am a psychotherapist. My own therapy includes gardening, decorating, and crafting. I am a wife, mom, and a wanna-be interior decorator and landscape artist...maybe in another life. Love pinterest and being inspired by the creative minds of pinterest friends.

Hello, I am single and have never married. I have no children and consider myself a loner most of the time.I am a college graduate. I studied Criminal Justice and Corrections. I have a wide variety of interests but extremely like the Victorian era. I also love cats. I guess one of my favorite hobbies is collecting Garfield things. And there is so much more. I look forward to taking a look at each persons life through their profile. Can't wait to explore all the different boards. Happy pinning.

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  • Bendrix

    This video is for you @Maggie Lamarre

  • Maggie Lamarre

    aww u r so sweet thanks

  • Teresa Armistead

    Bendrix, How have you been doing with your new life? I stay in alot of pain . Good days and bad days! At any rate I need to get some help with my computer if the team won't help...... I found out today I had 3 unfriended people notified to me this am. They're screwering with my computer! Please get back with me when you get a chance! Thanks Teresa Armistead

Hi Everyone, My name is Debby, from Upstate New York. I buy/sell the odd & unusual plus work for my daughter as a buyer/merchandiser at her clothing boutique in N.VA,Undeniable Boutique. I’m blown away by all the wonderful images & people on pinterest & can’t seem to stay away from the boards long. Love fashion & all things sparkly.Thank you very much Bendrix, for inviting me to this board. You’re a dynamic young man; incredibly interesting, so nice to meet you & everyone else. ♥ Debby

Thanks for the invite. My interests are varied and diverse as you can see from my boards. I welcome everyone to take a look and repin away!

  • Kat~

    Thanks Sarah, so is yours! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Hi I am Limor from Israel. Was looking for a Virtual Vision Board and found Pinterest . I JUST LOVE IT!!! Started pinning on May 2012 with the fashion category on "My Style", my first board, and was amazed and inspired with all the beautiful things I discovered existed and all the subjects I was exposed to. I enjoy the beauty and the creativity I see every day and I enjoy finding new interesting boards. To be continued in the Comment below:

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Hi Everyone! Just a little bit about me... : I love cooking,baking,photography.painting,horseback riding, travelling, learning foreign languages..(i learned English, French and Spanish in school)...and I am GERMAN :) I moved to Utah in January 2012 and am studying Psychology at the University of Utah! I love being with people, trying to understand and help them. My dream is to become a Physician, and right now I am working towards a chiropractor career/Physician Assistant....

  • Lucie Bertuleit

    but if none of them works out i would be fine with becoming a clinical psychologist and do research on diseases and thus can help people as well. I enjoy the little things each day and know how important it is to be grateful for the things I have! I love my family and don´t know what i would have become without them. I believe that there´s something good in everyone and that each of us can make the world a little bit better by being an example and living the right way! It´s also important to look at the bright side- i know it is difficult but it works :) I love sooo many thinks and am a day dreamer, but i can´t tell you everything ehre and you´d probalby get bored ;) So thanks again for the invite and let´s continue pinning!! :)

  • Debby Shover

    Nice to meet you Lucie...thanks for sharing.

  • Lucie Bertuleit

    nice to meet you too! :) Thanks!

Hello, everyone,Im Barbarette, and thank you bendrix ! Im tickled to be a part of this board. I live in Alabama . I enjoy spending time at the beach or on the lake, or anyplace theres water and lounging, im there ! I love camping also, and traveling in general. I love animals, & i have a special place in my heart for cats ! I have a son and a daughter, they are both beautiful young adults, and im very proud to be their mom. I enjoy pinterest so much ! Its like tension therepy ! ~~keep :)~~

  • Metro Photo BC

    great boards

  • Barbarette Mathis

    thanks Margaret

  • Teresa Armistead

    Hello Bendrix, just admiring your boards before a long note was attempted to be sent. Oh well it's lost and I don't feel up to doing it again!I am med. compromised. Thinking and typing are not good in the evening!Gotta go...Teresa Armistead,love in Christ

  • Teresa Armistead

    Hi everyone! Bentrix I'm back. I really like the idea of this board. Thanks for the re-invite! I live in the south close enough to enjoy the beach. I have a great husband, and four children with seven wonderful grandkids! I love pinterest, so addicting and fun! Again, thanks for the invite and let's continue pinning!! Teresa Armistead, Love in Christ

  • Barbarette Mathis

    I have so enjoyed this time on Pinterest......I Knew this time would have to come after all , the people who started it do deserve it....but dont we all long for something to just be what it is in the beginning....forever.....LOOKS LIKE THAT IS WHAT UTOPIA MIGHT BE......But still love love you all !

Tracey's are the nicest people in the world... some may think there kinda weird or a tad nuts but when you see past it you'll see Tracey's are the best people to have around. They sing, they dance and they love.

If you want to be added to the Pinterest Whos Who board, please leave a comment below requesting an invite. Once I see your request I will add you.

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