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This is the most amazing string of word play I have ever seen. Well done sirs. Well done.

Key for a successful relationship

There is a real solution here :P Comment to see if you have it :)

  • Alyssa Hopson

    Jail? Idk tell

  • Benjamin Goldfarb

    This is the answer : The boy has today "X" years. and the mother has "Y". X+21=Y ÿears from now. 5(X+6)=Y+6 5X+30 = X+21+6. 4X = -3. X = -3/4. the boy has today -3/4 years, which means, -9 months. so, Daddy , is on top of the mother.

  • Mackynna Evers

    In jail! Haha!

  • Kiki Mailhot

    Didn't finish. :P The kid wasn't even born yet. So, from that, you understand that the kid is still being conceived. Amirite? Or no?

  • Benjamin Goldfarb

    Yep :p he is being conceived actually :P

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Oh Jesus

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