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devils, goats, baphomet, and krampus and shit

devils, goats, baphomet, and krampus

Baphomet woodblock by Jandro Montero and Tessa Harrison

Baphomet Relief - JANDRO MONTERO

Devil Mask: Inspiration to repaint that Goodwill mask for the Pictures With Satan game

Halloween Masks |

'As Above - So Below' - Baphomet. Alchemical symbol for the unification of the elements.

Baphomet Large Bronze Statue by Sacred Images CJ-BAPHBRZ

The scene begins with a wonderful soliloquy by the castle porter where he thinks to himself of "a man were porter of hell-gate, he should have plenty of turning a key" (2. 3.1-2). He then further speaks stating "i' the name of Beelzebub" basically saying that he serves the devil. unbeknownst to the porter this is dramatic irony as he is serving an insane murderer.

Over the Top Studios: Seven Deadly Sins

Demons and their Sigils of Summoning, Occult Geometry, and Neon Spirits

why was Dionysius, lover of earth and life, slowly manipulated and fashioned into the Devil? // photo via blessed wild apple girl

Baphomet..................... Angel. Demon. Heaven. Hell. God. Satan. Hades. Rapture. Apocalypse. Grim Reaper. Death. Judgment Day. Torture. Misery. Pain. Afterlife. Peace. Seraph. Archangel. Cherub. Religion. Faith. Underworld. Paradise. Day of the Dead. Possession. Poltergeist. Ghost. Haunting. Phantom. Specter. Phantasm.

Derek Noble @ Lucky Devil Tattoo in Seattle, WA