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Building optimization

Tools and methods to optimize building according to energy, daylight and thermal comfort.

Related Boards

Psi Therm - Affordable 2 and 3D thermal bridge software.

LISA - Finite element analysis package for Windows

Mr.Comfy - Grasshopper component to visualize building simulation results in Rhino.

blueCFD-AIR - A very promising CFD-tool for Buildings. Includes plugins for Revit and Sketchup.

Honeybee - Connects Grasshopper to EnergyPlus and Radiance.

EFRI PULSE - Web application to simulate building energy and airflow (CFD).

Lightsolve - Interesting daylight tool.

Automated translation and thermal zoning of digital building models for energy analysis. This tool is not available.

Archsim - Energy Modeling component for Grasshopper. I have not used this myself but it looks promising.

Thermal Comfort Tool for ASHRAE-55 - A web tool to calculate comfort.

jEPlus+EA - A very interesting tool to optimize buildings with Energyplus.

SkyHelios - A free tool to calculate sky factors. I have not used it.

Real-Time Weather Converter - Tool to generate EPW and IDA weather files from real time weather data.

Building Optimization - My blog.

Sustain - Experimental software. Very promising but not released.

Theseus-Fe - Detailed thermal and comfort simulation. I have no idea about pricing but I guess it costs a fortune like Radtherm.

Skuggmax- Generates shadow range images and solar path charts from Sketchup models. Not possble to buy right now.