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The New Vintage

What goes around, comes around with these classic vintages pieces.

109 Pins

The New Vintage

  • 109 Pins

Harlowe Wire & Glass Indoor/Outdoor Pendant

Harlowe Wire & Glass Indoor/Outdoor Pendant

take the front off an old cabinet to store and display pretty bedding

More random stuff I don't need but kinda want... (35 photos)

Bourbon Barrel Stool

Bourbon Barrel Stool | Kentucky Bourbon Trail Shop

Antique Secretary as a Linen Press.

Repurpose Your Old Furniture

Suitcases as a Nightstand.

Repurpose Your Old Furniture


my scandinavian home: The palatial home of a Stockholm stylist

door hardware with wood peckers? Funny if these are the doorknockers! (actually not so funny if you have wood peckers pecking on your wood house, as we have had - bad sign!)

Leslie Hayes Interior Designer

Aesthetic Oiseau

Aesthetic Oiseau

Decor accessories: Antique accents {PHOTO: Stacey Van Berkel}

Interior: Contemporary country home

Old industrial stool becomes colorful extra seating

Poppin' a Wheelie - Ciburbanity

A vintage buffet turned media center against a Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray HC-169 backdrop.

checkers all the way!

a china cabinet that brings romance and old world charm back

Best Pink Paint Colors For Your Home!

benjamin moore - silver fox 2108-50

ColorTherapy: Silver Fox 2108-50

modern take on what used to be all the rage in '50s kitchens

Colin & Justin - Welcome

such a glam mid-century modern bedroom!

Master Bedroom Makeover On A Budget - Design, Dining + Diapers
  • Vivian Phinney

    I'm seriously curious... I didn't major in design, so everything I've read and seen about "mid-century modern" is based off of Online sources; not exactly accurate, but accessible! What would be an example that you consider the epitome (or at least a decent representation) of "mid-century modern"? You obviously know more about it than the average layperson!

  • Vivian Phinney

    And yes, Oscar Niemeyer is what I mean, damn mobile phone auto-correct!

  • Christian Wells

    Sorry if I was a little strident- I just tend to get a little agitated at times ;) Mid-Century Modern covers a lot of ground, but a classic, archetypical example of the style would be an architect like Richard Neutra, or Mies van der Rohe, or Charles Eames (all very different styles, yet still falling under the umbrella of MCM). MCM can range from rigid, clean-lined forms to kitschy and playful designs; but the interior in this post just doesn't fall into the category. People have begun calling things "mid-century modern" not because they know what it is, exactly, but because it's a buzzword they've heard of.

  • Vivian Phinney

    Thanks for explaining!! I just came across a website saying "Mid-Century to Art Deco styles..." and was wondering if that's just another name for MCM or an entirely distinctive style...?

  • Christian Wells

    Well, you have to remember that "mid-century" simply means that something is from the middle of the last century. However, "Mid-Century Modern" is a specific style.

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crayola inspired!

Clint & Lisa's Bold Crayola-Inspired Abode — House Tour

sunny space

chevron floor

Thom Filicia - Home

bright and cheery kitchen!

vintage kitchen charm

Livingetc magazine, modern design ideas

blue & green