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Pillowcase + boxy wire hanger = hanging hamper!oneofakind...also good for little toys for grandkid visits!!

Repurposing | One of a Kindness

DIY Cat Tent from a T-Shirt and a Wire Hanger - love this idea! My cats kill everything, so Im forever replacing expensive cat hideaways.

DIY - From Hardcover Book ---> Kindle/Nook/iPad Holder This is cute - a gift for someone?

Come Together Kids: Kindle Cover from a Hardcover Book

DIY tablet holder for the kitchen. Brilliant idea.

Mamie Jane's: Another Kitchen Tablet Holder

Coffee table idea: Use wine bottles and top with piece of glass or acrylic (need way to keep wine bottles together, so don't accidentally kick one out and send the whole table toppling over - doing this without a "belt" around them all would look more modern. Way to fuse them to one another?)

PROJECT DIY: Make an Ottoman By Recycling Plastic Bottle

Top 10 DIY Recycled Projects - great way to use up all those old keys that you have no idea what they go to.

Top 10 DIY Recycled Projects – Top Inspired

Reclaimed coffee table / coffee table with storage / coffee table trunk. $259.00, via ModernRust_Etsy. In a lighter colour wood, this table is perfect at the cottage - holds the cuddle blankets and maybe some board games too.

Skateboard swing! the kids would have so much fun on this!!!! Wonder if I can add it to a regular swing set? hmmm

That's stunning! | DIY recycle jar ~ Fairy tale lantern |

Dinosaur Hoodie Tutorial. Because when it comes down to it, we all want to see a little kid running around acting like a dinosaur.