Flora, Fauna & Merryweather | Sleeping Beauty

Thumper, this is what I called my youngest when I was pregnant with her cause she thumped me constantly.

Whoohoohoohoooo, Tiggers love to bounce! I love Tigger!

Candy Candy by ~daikikun75 on deviantART

#CandyCandy Friends Clockwise L-R: Sister Pony, Sister Lane, the mysterious Scottish boy, Terry, Patty, Archie, Stear, Annie, Albert, Anthony, the Pony's orphanage house

Disney Daenerys. The dragons are tiny badass...s



Esmeralda by AnneMarie1986 on deviantART

piolin on swing sipi i see sweety ;) i love yu smackkk!

imagenes de piolin animadas

Casper (the one with Christina Ricci)

I have had this book since I was a kid and I still love it.


Garfield - I love Odie

June 19, 1978, the comic strip "Garfield," created by Jim Davis, first appears in newspapers.

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