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If a student disagrees or wants to counter a claim, these sentence starters are a good way to keep the discussion engaging and positive.

reading and language arts centers for the middle school classroom

Click HERE for middle and high school English class resources.

Middle school teacher discussing guided reading, and how to implement reading and writing workshop into the middle school classroom.

Text features ~ using colored magnets on a projected article to identify text features.

Gary will never find love...

ELA in the middle | Middle School English, Language Arts. This is something that can be used in social studies to bolster cross curricular

Collaborative posters: Each student has one colored marker. Students are not allowed to swap colors with other students. Teacher can assess at a glance who contributed what to the activity.

Heheheh, I've always had trouble with active and passive. This actually helps xD

Wonderful figurative language video using pop music and movies!

Middle/High School - Close Reading of Text: Letter from Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King, Jr. by EngageNY. David Coleman leads a sample exploration of a complex text utilizing strategies outlined within the six shifts in instruction.

Perfect activity for the last day before Christmas break! Have students acknowledge one of their accomplishments from the current year and a goal for the following year!

Take a look at this mid-year reflection for both teachers and students.

Reading anchor chart: Post-its make you smart (when used thoughtfully)

Peter Pappas designed an amazing free document for teachers called: 18 Literacy Strategies for Struggling Readers. It is a 50-pg PDF. He includes How I Use It tips for EACH graphic organizer. If you teach reading, check out this resource. DIRECT LINK