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My first tattoo minutes after it was finished. Its my moms handwriting on the inside of my left forearm, taken from a letter she wrote to me before I was born. I lost my mom when I was four in a car accident, but shes always been a part of everything I do regardless of the fact that she isnt physically here. In the letter she promised that she was always here for me, and I want to be reminded of that every day.

My husband nicknamed our daughter penguin. We each have a tribal Emperor Penguin tattoo on our forearm, when we hold hands together they form a heart for our baby girl Kianii Jade who is now 10 ;)

Little wrist tattoo...I absolutely adore my write tattoo...I might eventually want something small on my forearm to complement it.

I have this betta tattooed on my forearm to honor the memory of my beloved fish, Carl Jr. #tattoo

Im gonna get a tattoo of Jem in a pinup pose on my forearm

I like how this tattoo wraps around the forearm and wrist.

Marilyn Monroe forearm tattoo by Rich Wren

Calavera de Dani Martos - Demon Tattoo (La Seu dUrgell). Siempre recordar la primera vez que vi a Dani en una Convencin. Alucin! Un crack de persona y de lo mejor como artista!!!!!


Francesca Du Demon. Alternative. Tattoo. Model.

i like this sparrow. best friends tattoos... something id consider if she were up to it :P