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Bernice Kearney

Bernice Kearney

I am a work in progress. New Wife. Fun Auntie. Wishful thinker. I love to laugh! A Lot!

Some facts about #CeliacDisease. Join Us on FB at

  • Kim, daffodil90 Est. 2013

    You definitely need to scrutinize the ingredients in everything.

  • Diane Conrad

    What is ttg iga test? Is it a accurate test? Do you have to have upper GI?

  • Susie Evon

    After doing my own unofficial research, I'm gluten free for Psoraisis. 70% of my skin was covered in the itchy redness, now it's only about 5% after being gluten free (mostly) for a year!

  • Leslie Barton Sanderson

    almost 20 yrs of misery. Had celiac tests done...negative. Then someone told me about "false negatives. Ask your doc exactly what are your numbers ! Being sensitive is just as bad as being allergic. The more I read about this and educate myself the more I understand ALL the negative side effects ! Be your own advocate !

  • Jeanne Morgan

    Susie, that is very interesting information! I am going to check into this more for my husband and a friend who have severe Psoraisis. Thanks for the heads-up!

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Bathroom with corner shower, white tile, blue walls. This is it. My inspiration for master bathroom redo. One day!!!

Expecto Patronum. Harry Potter humor. HA! Magic in a bottle! ;)

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