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Caption: "Bulgarian communist partisans patrol the streets of Plovdiv in anticipation of the arriving Soviet Army. In the background, a banner reads "Welcome the Red Army". .... In September 1944, members of the Bulgarian Fatherland Front, an anti-Nazi resistance movement, staged a coup d’état and a new, communist government was appointed. Bulgaria then declared war on former allies Germany and Italy. Plovdiv, Plovdiv Province, Bulgaria. September 1944."

WACs in the Pacific.

American G.I. in Bavaria Germany ww2 1945

LTJG Estella Malcar, a Navy nurse who arrived on Iwo Jima aboard an aircraft for evacuating wounded, is interviewed by SSgt Alvin Josephy ~

WACs at mail call, 1944 WACs at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, gather for mail call in April 1944 ~

Four Army Nurses wearing male pattern HBTs and Daisy-Mae hats. Notice that three of them have the first pattern HBT sets ~

The Dancing Man - Famous image of Sydney celebrations at the announcement of the end of WW2.

Victory Gardens made growing and preserving foods patriotic.

Things Your Grandmother Knew: April 2010

French civilians on the outskirts of St. Lo on July 25, 1944, cheer on allied troops with the V for victory signs. Associated Press

Battle of St. Lo during World War II

BERMUDA - 1943: A sailor from the US Naval Battleship USS Iowa known as 'The Big Stick' walks with a local girl while on shore leave in 1943 in Bermuda. (Photo by Ivan Dmitri/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images )

Bakelite victory pins

Bakelite Jewelry

1938: Refugees arriving in Prague after leaving their homes in the Sudetenland, a region with a large ethnic German population, which was the object of German expansionism

Dutch girls write slogans and messages for friends and relatives in other towns on tanks.

In 1944, the Navy began a new specialty: celestial navigation for Link trainer instructors. The 10-week course was held at the NAS Seattle, Washington. In this photo, Ruthe Ingerslew, Patricia Baldwin, and Sally King study the earth’s rotation to, as the Navy put it, “the celestial sphere” (aka the stars). It comes from the National Archives and is curated by Homefront Heroines: The WAVES of World War II. www.hingesofhisto...

Hinges of History

October 1945. Marville, France. Red Cross club girls, Wilhamina Barrow and Juanita Morrow, both from NYC, serve troops of the 27th Chemical Company, after travelling 100 miles by truck to deliver cookies and doughnuts.

Red Cross Retrospective - Service to Armed Forces, Then and Now

Ensign Jane Kendeigh, a Navy flight nurse, peers through a porthole in the cabin of a C-54 Navy transport plane as Chief Pharmacist Mate Silas V. Sturtevant of Napa, California, points out important land marks on Iwo Jima. She flew to Iwo Jima on 03/06 to be the first Navy flight nurse to put foot on the battlefield. She supervised the loading of wounded Marines aboard the big planes and then cared for the wounded on their trip back to a base hospital in the Marianas ~

Great Britain -- American Red Cross lines up its Clubmobiles in preparation for the "second front ~

Red Cross Retrospective - Workers Land on Normandy Beach

Deptford air raid wardens' control point

Picasa Web Albums - Lewisham Heritage - Lewisham at W...

June 1944, Great Britain—Red Cross hospital workers setting out for the beach head ~

1940s American Red Cross Volnteer Special Service Corps Uniform Simplicity 4626

Unsung Sewing Patterns: Butterick 2209 - The American Red Cross Volunteer Special Service Outdoor Uniform