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Monticello is the only historic house in the U.S. on the United Nations' World Heritage List.

Monticello, Charlottesville - VA | Roadtrippers

The vegetable garden... " I have lived temperately, eating little animal food, and that ... as a condiment for the vegetables, which constitute my principle diet." - Jefferson to Vine Utley, 1819. image and quote from the The Gardens of Monticello by Peter J. Hatch.

Heidi Claire: Time to get down and dirty in the garden.

King's Arms Tavern; Colonial Williamsburg - many fun nights around these tables! My favorite remembrance has to do with Peanut Butter Soup!

This is the sort of lane that could be closed to auto traffic, making walking and biking safer and quicker. Old Williamsburg, Virginia

Betsy Ross House Philadelphia PA I visited there recentl visited and was surprised how close her house and Ben Franklin's home were. Lovely place to visit. You can take a walking tour & see the Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall, the cememtary which many notables are including Ben Franklin. It's a great place to visit

Declaration House ~ Philadelphia. In 1776 Thomas Jefferson rented rooms at the Declaration House. This is where he wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Philadelphia is the home to the Liberty Bell, an icon of American history. A common myth is that "Pennsylvania" is misspelled on the bell, but in fact, the state's name hadn't a common spelling at the time the bell was forged--"Pensylvania" was considered an acceptable alternative.

Independence Hall ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- been here many times! Love my historical city Philly!

Philadelphia and New York City | Joshua Expeditions

New Mexico Taos Pueblo Taos Pueblo

Panoramio - Photo of Taos Pueblo

Taos Pueblo, Taos, New Mexico - on a cloudy day for very wonderful contrasts, loved the turquoise door

“Church, Taos Pueblo National Historic Landmark, New Mexico, 1942” Ansel Adams (1902–1984)

Taos Pueblo Man 1900

Taos, loved all the painted doors. And, no. Those are NOT dog houses. They are Ornos, where the people of Taos Pueblo bake their bread.

Taos Pueblo - The best places to visit in New Mexico, USA

Daily Photo on the Blog: Taos Pueblo, New Mexico: www.ytravelblog.c... #travel

Victoria on her chariot. Fourth style. A.D. 50—79. Herculaneum, Hall of the Augustals (VI, 24). #WingedVictoryFresco #VictoriaChariot #Herculaneum #VonGiesbrechtJewels

The African Meeting House is considered the oldest surviving black church building in the United States.

James Sharples, Martha Washington, 1795. Pastel on paper. 9 1/2 x 7 in. Bequest of Daniel Wadsworth. 1848.19

James Sharples, George Washington, 1795. Pastel on paper. 9 1/2 x 7 in. Bequest of Daniel Wadsworth. 1848.18

John Adams, by James Sharples - National Portrait Gallery

Machine Silk Woven Textile of George Washington with spread eagle motif and "First in War - First in Peace - First in the Hearts of His Countrymen". (17 in. x 22 in. unframed).