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I See Hair...


Zachary Ty Bryan and Jonathan Taylor Thomas Reunited

This girl makes learning this braid sooooo easy! A 5 strand dutch braid on yourself- eeek! Can't wait to wear it | Twist Me Pretty

5 Strand Dutch Braid | Day 12 | Twist Me Pretty

Pin curls -- My mom still does this. She's 85 years old and has never done it another way. She's so cute!!

Pincurl your own hair for major no-heat waves and retro style

I'm not even playin', this shit is just friggin' ridiculous.

Stupidest Haircuts Ever!

Stupidest Haircuts Ever!

Not sure anyone should have this level of commitment with pineapple.

Silver Grey Salon Grade Temporary Hair Chalk by LiveLoveAlohaHair, $1.69

Here ya go everyone who cuts your own bangs. Quit f'ing them up! "Now I know how to really cut my bangs next time"

I literally just pinned this so I could try it and I did it! OMG best hair mask ever. I covered my whole head in the coconut oil, left it on for an hour then rinsed it out, and washed hair twice. When I brushed it, it stayed stick straight and it looks so soft and healthy! It is ridiculous how awesome this is! It dried straight too and I have pretty naturally curly hair! Love This!! -brea

When ugly holiday sweaters aren't enough...