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I See Ohhh The Memories...

You don't see these on playgrounds anymore or see-saws/teetertooters or monkey bars or------

Once Upon A Playground by Brenda Biondo
  • Carmen Williams

    Deemed too dangerous, I suppose.

  • Kelly Snyder

    There's one at the little park 5 minutes from my house actually.

  • Maria Mendez

    At the SkyView Drive-In Theater!

  • Memories & Pretty Things by Siobhan B.

    I saw a girl slice open her knee cap when she tripped, tried to hang on and her leg got caught between the metal and the dirt beneath. It was horribly gruesome. Maaaaaybe this is one contraption okay to retire.

  • Carolyn Meuer-Pickering

    I grew up playing on these at the neighborhood park. We all did (our generation), we never got hurt other than falling down and skinning our knees when it was your turn to push. Maybe old ones need to be replaced because of so much wear and tear.


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