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God's gift to us: Animals:))

244 Pins

God's gift to us: Animals:))

  • 244 Pins

St.Bernard and his kitties ❤. (KO) Love the kitty on the far right with his nose snuggled into the big guy's chops. So sweet. What a kind and loving dog!

.We my never understand this and may have not captured any of these times but sure enough this is one of life's beauty. Glory to God!

Animal pictures of the week: 19 August 2011 - Telegraph

French Country

What's safe to eat and not to eat

Feeding Fido: Safe People Food for Dogs -

Please spay and neuter! ♥

Resist the Greed! Don't Breed! Neuter your pit! Please spay and Neuter!!

Please spay and neuter your pet!!!

Hummingbird on a zinnia. Growing flowers for the birds and the bees and the butterflies, is a definite joy.

Cute Tiger #tigers, #animals, #cute,

Pet Care Infographic. It would be so great to send something like this home with everyone. We could make our own infographic from scratch with Jess's picks for advice - warm weather do's & don'ts, dental, vaccines, etc.

A guide to basic pet care [Infographic]

Beagles | 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds of All times #3

Pinterest Highlights: Part 2

Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds | The Planet of Pets

Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds | The Planet of Pets

10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds of All times

Happiest Puppy Alive***************************** "After a good dinner, I just like to sit back and chill! "

Twitter / CuteEmergency: Happiest Puppy Alive ...

I know how many times this information is handy in a pinch Amazing DIY Home Remedies for Pets // #pinaholicmyrie

DIY Remedies For Pets

Rough Collie puppy at 6 months old.

Collie Pictures and Photos, 3

Sheltie, Bailey 6-11-2008 by Buffalo Ray, via Flickr

Everest the Australian Shepherd / Border Collie. Oh my goodness!

Everest the Border Collie

collie baby...I have wanted a collie ever since the first "Lassie" movie I ever saw, as a child. Here is a little cutie!

Cute Golden Retriever puppy

Golden retriever puppy in footy pajamas! Does it get any cuter than this? Omg!

.....a golden retriever puppy.... look at that adorable little face!

Golden retriever puppy. I want one i'm ganna name her riley

Husky Puppy with the most gorgeous blue eyes!

Husky Puppy - A Place to Love Dogs

Goberian (Golden Retriever + Siberian Husky) puppy ... Sooo precious!