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Chocolate Aussiedor! Chocolate lab Australian Shepard mix

Scout the Chocolate Aussiedor

A bunny with a backpack - you're welcome!

A bunny with a backpack / iFunny :)

This is what my Puffy looked like, except there was also pink and purple through his body and fins! - Halfmoom Betta Auctions - Mon May 5 07:17:40 2014

Meet Millie, the mountain climbing cat. MILLIE!!!

Meet Millie, the mountain climbing cat.

Irresistible silver Bengal kittens - I want these too!

Irresistible Kitten - 4th October 2012

Bengal Kitten SO CUTE. if i can't get a dog, we are getting a cat just like this :)

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Bengal Kitten: Those blue eyes!

Bengal cat sense im obsessed with leopards this would be perfect! To bad they r like 500$ :(

Siamese Cat Breed. I love this breed. I had a Siamese Seal Point for almost 7 years before she died at the age of 15 and a 1/2 (died on Halloween 2010 - may Princess RIP). I so hope to adopt another Siamese Seal Point within the next year or two.

All the beautiful cat breeds in the world | All2Need

Cats breeds - blu of Russia

Bengal Kittens - Hypoallergenic Cat Breed

Pictures of Birman Cat Breed

Pictures of Birman Cat Breed

I've always wondered what mix my baby boy is, still can't tell! :)

Guide to Housecat Breeds 2 by Majnouna on deviantART

The Skookum- is a hybrid cat breed that was created using two cat breeds with unique and different genetic mutations. It combines the short legs of the Munchkin cat and the Rexed (curly) coat of La Perm cats.

The Small Cat Breeds of the World

Ussuri - rare natural breed of cat originates from Amur River, Russia.

The Bengal cat. This is a cross between the domestic cat and the Asian Leopard Cat. This new hybrid breed can be very costly if you're wanting one for a pet.

10 of the Most Popular Exotic Pets

Rare Cat Breeds | This particular breed of Bengal Cat by SUE FEENEY

This particular breed of Bengal Cat

"Cats have led us every step of the way. Teaching us the importance of unconditional love, and the value of a really good afternoon nap." --Unknown Author

British Shorthair - The British Shorthair is a stocky, sturdy cat resembling a plush teddy bear. While blue is the color most associated with the breed (like the one pictured), British Shorthairs are found in a number of other coats and patterns as well.

Turkish Angora – Gorgeous Kitty !

Gorgeous Black And White Cat….