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Pretty sure I need one.

Llamacorn - Funny Meme Picture

This kid just changed my outlook on life.

This kid just changed my outlook on life. -

Deep thoughts.

A conversation between my 8-year-old daughter and 17-year-old-son

Ladies and gentlemen.. I present the Duckmato. heheh

Grumpy Cat, thank you for summing that up perfectly.

what are you talking about its obviously a Basilisk...silly muggles

forever repin... Lol love this commercial

haha! Even funnier knowing how many of my family members are freaked out by moths.

So true! Just don't do it if you value your life.

Dude! Every school needs a teacher like this.

Ok, just for a minute, ignore the tattoo. Does anyone else have issues with toe cleavage? It shouldn't bother me, but strangely it does.