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Tips for the road to #resilience to help you recover from a difficult experience.

Family Counseling - Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

When dealing with a difficult injustice, going through this list daily will help you overcome bitterness. Double click image for a 1-minute devotion that fills in the details on this list.

1-Minute Bible Love Notes: 8 Steps to Overcome Bitterness

4 Keys to Recognizing God's Voice

4 Keys to Recognizing God's Voice

Take the fastest journey through the Bible you have ever experienced! Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible will orient you with each of God's special books—Genesis through Revelation—whether you're a new reader or a veteran student. This beautiful, full-color hardback volume offers fresh insights into familiar parts of the Bible, and an exciting grasp on hard-to-understand passages. www.davidjeremiah... - Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible

Because Jesus lives I can face tomorrow, Because Jesus lives all fear is gone; Because I know Jesus holds the future And life is worth the living just because Jesus lives.