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Beth Brown

Beth Brown

Mom of three great & crazy kids. I love to go to church (Faith Promise!!), read, play Wii (in which my daughter beats me shamelessly) and Candy Crush Saga :)

Aw she's thankful because she has her muggle family and sees how plain muggle school could be and loves her chance at excitement and this incredible knowledge

  • Christina Mace

    And looking back I did make it sound canon rather than a head canon.

  • Alifa Alvita


  • Miranda Rogers

    And if you think about it muggle children start school at usually 4-5 years old but I'm wizard children stay home till age 10 and so she spent at least 5 years if her life learning stuff she'd never really need

  • -

    I wouldn't say she didn't need it. . . . I mean, how else would she be able to write to Snape the properties of a moonstone when added to a Blood-replenishing potion during the seventh full-moon of a year?

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I have to admit that I am super-excited about the re-boot of Sailor Moon. Although the whole 20th Anniversary thing is making me feel mighty old.

The thing is, he also had a transformation sequence. Although you only get to see it, like, once.

Which one of these things is not like the other?

I'd rather be at Walt Disney World!

When people tell me River and the Doctor aren't married, I get mad. Even though it happened in a time that didn't even end up happening, they married each other and that is that. I think I like the Doctor and River together because she makes him more humane.

Lol...I'm making a bunch this