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Advanced Silversmithing Tutorials

Huge Selection of Jewelry Making Tutorials.

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1st Stage of fabricating a hollow ring set with Lapis Lazuli Size 7 in Sterling Silver. To view more please go to Paulson Deanali on Facebook

In this video, I explore the easy methods of removing gemstones. I instruct how to modify your pliers for this process

How to make silver rings: 3 Tricks and Tips to Silver Rings by Beth Millner

How to make silver rings: 3 Tricks and Tips to Silver Rings

A new approach to etching metal

A new approach to etching metal |

Channel-Setting Round Stones

For Your Staff:Selling Quality

The Metalsmith. Facing blindness, metalsmith Andy Cooperman renews his commitment to making things worth seeing. View Andy's work at http:/...

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Lynette Andreasen: Shibuichi: Detailed blog on how to make it yourself || Shibuichi is a Japanese alloy of silver and copper. It can range anywhere between 5% silver to 50% silver with the rest being copper. It works wonderfully, reticulates to amazing textures, and casts well.

Lynette Andreasen: Shibuichi: Make it yourself

bijougirl etc.: Hinged Hoop Earrings

bijougirl etc.: Hinged Hoop Earrings

Lowther. Make your own WoodenDappingPunches with door knobs

Wooden Dapping Punches

Jewellery making techniques - how to make tube

Artistic Entrapment - 3 day course: Oct 19-20-21, 2012 Instructor: Michael David Sturlin

▶ Potter USA Bracelet pancake die video demo - YouTube

Phillip Fike jeweler-bench-pins 850

making hollow earing make incredible easily!!

Coiling Tube useing the Draw Bench - On your metal

Customer-Focused Adaptations for Jewelry Making: Creating a Hinged Ring with Judy Hoch - Jewelry Making Daily - Blogs - Jewelry Making Daily




Dividers — Seth Gould | metalsmith

Bench Tips - Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts

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    I have this book -- it is fantastic! Full of tremendous tips. I love your work, Beth.

Using a potato as a heat sink -protect stones from heat, Instead of frying your gemstone, try frying a potato, a cool and biodegradable heat sink for your precious bling.

TUTORIALS for JEWELLERY making, TIPS and TECHNIQUES, --- Index to the posts. | FluxPlay.

▶ Keumboo with Celie Fago - YouTube

How To Heat-Harden Sterling Silver

Art Jewelry Elements: Freeform Friday: Plastered

How To Make A Money Clip

Step 0: Stop using Ferric Chloride etchant! (A better etching solution.)

Sherry Cordova Jewelry: Electrolytic Saltwater Etching of CopperSherry Cordova Jewelry Blog

Watch now: Craft in America | Episode X: Forge | PBS Video

Watch now: Craft in America | Episode X: Forge | PBS Video

Bronwen Tyler Jones

Lockets and hinges [oh, my]

Channel-Setting-Tutorial (1)

Wax Carving For Stone Setting - YouTube

How to make jewelry and wax carvings Tegan Hope Ojai Style - YouTube

Color comparison of "white" metals for wedding bands - silver, white gold, platinum and palladium. Photo by Elizabeth Scott Botanical Jewelry

Practical Stone Setting Part 26: Shared Bead Pavé Setting

Practical Stone Setting Part 26: Shared Bead Pavé Setting

Preparing Settings & Stone Setting- notes by David Cruickshank

how to measure gem stones.

Hardware and leather into a cuff tutorial

DIY Leather Cuff Bracelet - Think Crafts by CreateForLess

Jewelry Lesson - Making a Bell

Practical Stone Setting Part 26: Shared Bead Pavé Setting

Professional Jeweler Archive: Bezel-Setting Fancies Using New Technology

Brilliant idea for soldering clamps shared by UK jeweler Jim Miller. He uses stainless steel strips about 4mm x 100mm.

Methods For Effectively Bending Tubing

Professional Jewelry Making: Silver Locket: Part 2 - JCK

Preparing gravers

Preparing a Scorper For Use

Perfect Fit - Originally published in the MJSA Journal 4/11

Suzan Rezac does the most exquisite marriage of metals that I have seen. She refers to it as inlay, but it is the same process. Check out her site:

Doesn't everyone have an Acetylene torch in their lunch box? Awesome!

Flexible Shaft Machine, Accessories & Usage Videos