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Beth and I decided to knock out some walls to open up the space. Take advantage of the light. So now Mo has to pee in a bucket. That's why we got the lamp.

The doe stared at Mo's chair confused, not realizing they'd arrived early. My ceramic woodland creature marriage proposal flash mob was ruined.

"But doesn't a living room need walls?" asked Mo. "What do you mean? I have glass walls," I replied. "No," Mo argued, "I'm pretty sure there are no walls." I shrugged. The change orders had kind of piled up lately.

  • It's Just Mo

    You don't seriously expect anyone to think this is a room, right? You're just making a funny.

  • Beth Wagner

    I dropped the nail while trying to hang a photo of you on the east wall. I can't find it. It's a metaphor of our friendship.

  • It's Just Mo

    THE metaphor.

I hung art for you, Mo, I hung ART. What MORE do you WANT from ME?

  • It's Just Mo

    So THAT'S who you put in that box you hung on the wall. I was wondering why I kept getting frantic texts from Art. I don't think this is what he meant when he claimed to be "well-hung."

  • Melanie Jasinski

    Pinterest really needs a like button for comments. Mo made me snort.

"Look at all of this warmth! And color!" I said. "You shot the photos in HDR, didn't you, you cheater?" responded Mo.

Hahahaha, you caught me. Whitney dared me. We didn't have enough plywood for the ceiling though. Hey, where are you going?

  • It's Just Mo

    That's it. I'm buying a hydraulic paint sprayer, and putting one of those sunflower shower head thingies on it. And right now? Right now I'm thinking FUCHSIA.

One room, Mo. I let you have one room, and look what you've done.

  • It's Just Mo

    Done? This is not "done." This is just what I was able to get through before 11 am.

"You need a lot of paint in here," said Mo. "Like, an UNHOLY amount."

If only I could have included a few more neutral colored textures, I could have won Mo over.

  • It's Just Mo

    Are you EVER going to clean up all that extra lumber you left lying around?

"Add some texture," Mo said. Dining set made of poop. Texture, check.

Best idea yet: Pick one room to have color, then trap Mo in it.

Mo is on her way over! Quick, brush the rug in all one direction so we can pretend it is brown!

Built-in cabinets, where I file away the things I own that are in color.

The concrete pillar divides the room between @It's Just Mo's half (furniture) and @Whitney Hall's half (books). The pillar itself is mine.

It's all . . . ummm . . . square. So it must be pretty, right?

The dog protects my family from intruders, mice, and any chance of hanging portraits on the wall.

You are formally invited to my housewarming party/skateboarding tournament.

  • Whitney Hall

    Please come dressed as your favorite character from Battlestar Galactica.

I fell absolutely in love with this place only to discover it was designed by a man named Harris Butt and now I can't stop giggling.