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FREE - Thanksgiving Turkey - Shape Count and Graph Math Activity by Pink Cat Studio

Addition Strategy Mat for math journal. Each student can make their own depending on which strategy they use the most.

While students are working problems, walk around the room with a handful of green pens. When someone finishes the problems correctly, they get a green star and a green pen. Now they are qualified to coach and star papers for other students, and so on, until everyone is done.

Blank Template for Divisibility Rules picture - When teaching division there are some rules that quickly tell you if a larger number can be easily divided by a smaller.

Rock Dominoes Smooth flat stones aren't just for skipping -- they're perfect for game pieces, too. For a set of dominoes, all you need is 28 stones and a white paint pen to draw lines and dots. Begin by drawing a line across the center of each. Then on either side of the line, mark with two sets of dots in every combination from zero to six. ~MarthaStewart site

Self-recording bar graph for kids to monitor their own progress!

Here's an activity and foldable idea for teaching students about tally tables, frequency tables, and pictographs.

Here's an activity where students gather information about bed times from their peers, complete a tally table and graph, and then answer questions about the information gathered.

Here's a booklet for students that reviews various graphs (bar graph, picto graph, pie graph, tally chart).

Here's a data collection and graphing form for the question "Do you like to eat fish?".

Here's an activity where students sort, tally, and graph pattern blocks.

Here's a nice page that outlines the items that must be included when constructing a graph.

Here's a nice set of materials for graphing data generated by rolling a die. Includes a bar graph and line plot.

Here's a nice set of materials for graphing data generated by rolling a die. Includes a bar graph and line plot.

Read to self... Love the idea of making this a bar graph! Math/Reading connections!

FREE Bar Graph Worksheet. I have produced a worksheet you can use when teaching graphing skills. It is suited to the junior and middle primary years.

Turkey Glyph-could use the results to make a bar graph to show data, find range mean median and mode