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(CTK, Stan Peska, file/Associated Press) - FILE- In this March 1999 file photo, Czech animator and illustrator Zdenek Miler poses with his most popular character named Mole, in Prague. Miler died on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011, aged 90. The animated cartoon character Mole has enchanted millions of children around the world and even made it into space on a NASA shuttle, and now Mo;e will outlive the life of his character.

'My parents and the church prayed for me when I was a in mom's stomach and prayed everyday that I would continue to live after being born 10 weeks early. This quote explains everything they did for me, are doing, and will do. Reading this made me want to cry. Me being alive today is truly because of the love of God and His promise that He will answer prayers when the time is right.'

Love some of these. Especially this one . . . "Use some simple photo editing software to type a list of your child’s favourite things over their first day photo, like this one by Zoot. If you remember to do it each year, you’ll have a fantastic record of your child’s evolving personality."

Love this. ---> I'm blessed to have a child so loving, thoughtful, prayerful, and sweet!! Although she has started to get a little 5 year old sass, she respects us (mommy & daddy) and others. She knows when we mean business and does what she is told. My mother said she's just like me when I was younger. :) I'm wondering if is that a good thing or bad?