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from another time

The White tower - defense tower in Velikij Novgorod; picture circa 1900

coal range - oven on the right and a hot water tank with tap on the left, 1903

East of the Sun and West of the Moon
  • Allyson Szabo

    I'll take my wood range anytime. :) The coal was easier to obtain in downtown London in 1903, but the wood was a lot less yuck. Coal had a lot of nasty tendencies. :)

The Highers Brothers Buggy Shop - Rome, Tennessee, circa 1900

The Highers Brothers Buggy Shop - Rome

doing the laundry

  • Linda Fittipaldo

    Remember usin one of these at my Grandmothers hoiuse

  • Pamela Cole

    WOW wht would we do If today's things wasn't push button and re mote control?

  • Allyson Szabo

    This was a lot easier than how it WAS done, just a few years earlier. There was no scrubbing with lye, no having to boil the water on a wood stove... :)

Gloves and crocheted hat worn with suit by Mirande, 1935. Image by Conde Nast Archive/Corbis.

Le Jazz Hot Beauty - dressed tip to toe in the latest, flapper inspired fashion of the day. Harlem, New York, 1931. James Van Der Zee, Photographer

Hells Angels Biker Chicks, 1965 - "many of them were surprisingly young: teenagers, or in their early twenties. They didn't look young, though. Riding around on the back of a Harley at a hundred miles an hour in all sorts of weather will age you, I guess."