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so i have a slight obsession with doctor who ~ nine is my first doctor & ten is my favorite doctor. i love rose tyler & clara oswald. also captain jack harkness & rory williams. martha & donna are cool too. btw, k9 & adipose are so cute! ❤ ~ ~

984 Pins


  • 984 Pins

never end

Never end by nokeek on deviantART

tardis card

Tardis Card by nokeek on deviantART

Doctor Who Tardis Blue Macbook Decal

10th doctor inspired allons-y macbook decal

10th doctor inspired ALLONSY macbook decal

on buffy, andrew & jonathan talking to spike about doctor who

See him. See the heart of him

Ariel Who

Ariel Who by daekazu on deviantART

Sexy Doctors Who, Best Friends, Whovian Understand, The Tardis, Sexy Things, Doctors Who Tshirt, I M Sexy, Dr. Who, Sexy Tardis

"Oh, you sexy thing, you!" by pabucast

Food spread from a Doctor Who party - Lady Cassandra pizza, "Bow ties are cool" pasta salad, "I want chips" (British chips, that is - fries), Tardis blue corn chips, Exploded Slitheen: Broccoli dip, "Always take a banana to a party", "Stupid old satsumas", The best dessert in the universe: Nanaimo bars, Adipose, Fish sticks and custard, "Fezzes are cool": Rolos.

Balancing Meanderings: Doctor Who Game Night Birthday Party

taking TARDIS pumpkins to the next level

lady cassandra's moisturizers

Doctor Who Midlife Crisis

Doctor Who Midlife Crisis by Gigei on deviantART

disney halloween: milo thatch as the doctor

Heck Ya Doctor Who

Doctor Who TARDIS Kigurumi

Doctor Who TARDIS Kigurumi

TARDIS control room pumpkin

Console by EmpressofSquee on deviantART

John Pertwee and Liz Sladen ~ cute!

A Who Halloween

A Who Halloween

Briar Rose

Briar Rose by the-untempered-prism on deviantART

it’s that time of the year

Tell sad stories of the death of kings

double variant covers for Titan’s Doctor Who comic!

All of Time and Space: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Thinking Outside the Box by michaeldoig on deviantART