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Drink Tap Water by Junggi Sung

Flip and Tumble Reusable Produce Bags

Unblock your drains without pouring harmful pollutants into the water system by pouring down 1 c of salt and 1/2 c of baking soda mixed together, followed by a kettle of boiling water. Can also use baking soda and white vinegar and boiling water.

A door handle that can turn your electricity and gas off when you leave. - SMART

architecture Green Screen House Lovely Green Wall Integrated in The Design of a Japanese Modern Crib

Lovely earrings from water bottles by Gülnur Özdaglar.

Thrown to the Wind - 36 feet of plastic trash - Wang Zhiyuan

The Keyhole Vegetable bed is a raised bed, 3′ 6″ high, the outer bed slopes down from a central hollow column. The access path (to center) is a compost bin: you fill it with kitchen waste, stable manure, grass clippings, etc., water will drain through and take all the nutrients with it. It feeds from below the topsoil, everything comes up from underneath. In Africa, this garden can feed a family of 6 through the 3 mo. dry period, when fields dry out. Perfect for small spaces!

“Biosphere home farming concept generates food and cooking gas, while filtering water. The concept supplements a families nutritional needs by generating several hundred calories a day in the form of fish, root vegetables, grasses, plants and algae. Unlike conventional hydroponic nurseries this system incorporates a methane digester than produces heat and gas to power lights, similarly algae produces hydrogen and the root plants produces oxygen, which is fed back to fish...

Lotto Turm stacks shipping containers for high and green architecture

The Solar Winds Desert Hotel is a conceptual design for a large (140 room) luxury eco-hotel powered by the sun and the wind. The design symbolically evolved from thoughts about certain desert plants and how they function in a hot dry climate. The symbolic leaves of the Solar Winds Desert Hotel would shade various facilities at the base such as restaurants, a gym, a pool, a spa, retail spaces, offices

The precious and versatile vegetable tissue known as cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber or as the Portuguese call it sobreiro).  Cork (cortiça) is most easily stripped off the tree in late spring and summer when the cells are turgid and fragile and tear without being damaged. The tree quickly forms new layers of cork and restores its protective barrier.  No tree is cut down. This simple fact makes cork harvesting exceptionally sustainable, leading to a unique balance

A short video showing how straightforward it is to install a roof with Solarcentury's solar photovoltaic roof tile product - C21e. The video shows roof preparation, tile installation and electrical connections, plus inverter installation and connection.

These can art people come from the imagination of a British artist known as My Dog Sighs, who has left a piece of art on the street for someone to find every Friday for the last 10 years.

Discarded Food Cans Turn Into Canvas For British Street Artist

Giant fish sculpture made from discarded plastic bottles in Rio

ceramic-like roofing material made from soil and carbon

Plastic Eating Fungi Found in the Amazon May Solve World's Waste Problem by Emma Hutchings, Fungi have been discovered which can anaerobically degrade polyurethane! #PUR #Fungi #Science