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Birds & Blooms reader Frances McLaughlin has this squirrel-busting solution: "Squirrels can't get to my feeder anymore! I took three soda bottles and strung them through an extending rod. Then I bolted the rod to our porch rail. Now I can easily swing the rods to the rail when I fill the feeders, and the setup keeps squirrels away at the same time."

Recognize Gray Catbirds by their black caps and red feathers under the tail. Learn more on the Birds & Blooms Blog. (Photo by Birds & Blooms reader Joan Emlin)

Make a resolutions to feed a wider variety of birds this year, like offering oranges to orioles (Photo by Debbie Rote). Get more ideas on the Birds and Blooms Blog.

Can your coffee choice affect songbirds around the world? The Cornell Blog of Ornithology says it can - check out their guide for understanding sustainably-grown coffee.